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Prom Costs: How Much You Should Spend on Your Prom Night?

While you think about which dress from JJ’s House to pick for your prom night, it is easy to forget about other costs. Not only the dress, shoes, makeup and hair but also extra costs like mani, pedi, or limo can cost a lot. That is why it is crucial to plan your budget on time and to set priorities. Even though budgeting for proms can vary from country to country and between regions, having a guideline is good. That is why we created this article, so you can get informed about prices and to teach you how to plan your budget ahead. How Much a Prom Can Cost in 2022? Believe it or not, prom costs can vary from $150 to even $2000. This definitely depends on where you live and what you want to include in your budget. Whether you want everything to be luxurious or you find creative ways to save money, you simply need to have some guidance about the budget. These are prom costs by the item that you can check out when planning your own budget. The Prom Dress Let’s start with the most interesting and the most important thing for girls - the prom dress. Dresses for prom can cost anywhere between $50 and $600. They are certainly one of the crucial things that you should spend your budget on, so it is important to know where to look for them. You should also consider extra alternations of the dress that can cost between $5 and $95, depending on the adjustment. Considering that some girls can’t afford super expensive dresses, we suggest looking at prom dresses from JJ’s House. We offer beautiful dresses for a reasonable price, made of exquisite materials and with gorgeous details. You can also think about grabbing a dress on a sale just after New Year's Eve or visiting thrift and second-hand shops. Some girls simply don’t know what to do with their prom dresses so they are giving them away right after the night is over. Prom Tickets The price of prom tickets is determined by the venue and the food. Usually, a chosen venue and prom tickets can cost between $50 and $120. Don’t wait too long to buy your ticket. This is definitely one of the things on your budget list that should be crossed early. Prom Shoes One of the things that you can either buy or use something that you already have is shoes. Prom shoes can cost between $20 and $100, but if you are short on budget, don’t worry. Simply look in your closet and you may find that forgotten pair from some past event that can actually match with your prom dress!   If you do want to buy shoes, make sure to divide the dress and shoes budget well. First, go for the dress and then buy the shoes, so you can coordinate both styles. Accessories and Jewelry Jewelry is a category where you can either splurge or save money. Depending on if you want to buy something new, or use something borrowed you can spend between $20 and $100. If you don't need to buy something, we suggest looking through your mom or grandmother's jewelry boxes and finding something that will complement your dress. Most clutches and prom bags cost around $10 and $80. If your dress doesn’t have pockets or you want to complement your prom look with a sparkly clutch, check out these gorgeous bags that we offer at JJ's House. Transportation (The Limo) As a part of the tradition, many people rent a limo. However, this is actually one of the biggest costs you can have for your prom. When you decide to hire a driver that can cost even $300 per hour! Different limo companies have different rules, and so some require a minimum four-hour rental. You should also think about splitting this cost with friends, and check with limo companies the maximum number of people that can go into a limo. Some alternatives can be quite interesting as the limo driver. You can rent a party bus with sound systems or simply share an Uber with friends. There is no need to go way beyond your budget just to rent a limo. Hair, Makeup, Nails, etc Planning the budget for hair, makeup, and nails can go up to $300. But, if you have a friend or a family member that can make your hair, do your makeup, or nails, simply go for this budget-friendly option. This will keep so much money in your pockets that you can use it for something else. Prom Flowers, Corsage Every girl needs a 'promposal'. Traditional corsages cost between $5 and $90, while boutonnieres are $5 - $30 each. When ordering flowers, make sure to do it on time, or opt for the more budget-friendly way of giving regular flower bouquets. Prom Photos Many people want to have photos from their prom night done by professionals. Depending on the photo size, quantity, and photographer you chose, this category might get pricey as well. You should count on a $25-$75 budget to spend on a photographer. On the other hand, you can always ask a friend to take photos of you, especially if you have a good smartphone camera.

Introduction of JJ's House Prom Dresses

Since the prom is around the corner, we decided to show you some of our favorite dresses. They were tried out by Roxi, also known as Roxxsaurus on Youtube. We collaborated with her and we were thrilled to hear her opinion on JJ’s House prom dresses. From the light blue dresses to the V-neck dusk gown - these are just some of the dresses she had tried out for you! Her impressions? Let’s check them out together. Light Blue Prom Dresses Roxi said she waas getting instant Cinderella vibes, as she saw this dress for the first time. A light blue shade is perfect for all skin colors. The length of the dress reaches the floor, even when you are not wearing any heels. The skirt has full volume and a side slit that is appropriate for prom. Roxi admitted she adored light blue dresses. Her actual prom dress was in this shade so she decided to give this dress a try too. This dress has beautiful embroidery and cups on the inside. The straps fall down on arms, but they actually act to secure the bodice from falling down. The center of the dress is made of nice and flowy chiffon, but the sides have lace panels with embroidery. These things make the dress look a bit vintage yet very romantic and elegant. Dusk A-Line Dress with Lace Roxi was in love with the dress as she saw it on the JJ’s House website. V-neckline is scooped but not too low, which is perfectly appropriate for prom night. The bodice already has cups, so you don’t have to wear a bra. She noticed a gorgeous bodice that has a lot of embroidery detailing, like gems and rhinestones. It beautifully falls down to the mesh skirt. The cut of the dress is A-line, which means it will fit almost any body types. When Roxi tried the dress, she liked how curvy it made her look, the waistline, as well as the bodice. Fabric is flowy, while the dress is delicate and romantic - as Roxi said, perfect for prom night! Champagne A-line Dress with Floral Embroidery If you are looking for something unique and elegant, Roxi suggested this lovely champagne dress with floral bodice embroidery. The neckline is off-the-shoulders, but you don’t need to worry it will fall down. The silicon straps on the inside secure the bodice and the cups. The embroidery is beautiful as it falls down naturally into the dress. It is not simply cut off, which is what Roxi likes. She fell in love with the contrast created between the nude, champagne color, and vibrant pink rose embroidery details. You should pay attention to universal breast cups. They might be too big for some women. However, the waistline holds the dress, so there are no worries it will fall down. Burgundy Prom Dresses Even though Roxi said she was not a fan of the burgundy shade, she still tried out this particular dress. The result? She said she felt like she belonged in the James Bond movie! The dress has a lovely cross-over effect on the bodice, it goes all the way down with an A-line cut and a color that produces the wow effect. The color, the volume of the skirt, and the interesting cross-over straps are enough for you to buy this dress for your prom. Roxi’s second choice? Sweetheart kind of neckline, puff sleeves, and bold bodice with embroidery - do we need to add more? This dress is great for everybody looking for a dress that will make them stand out from the crowd. The volume of the dress is what makes this dress gorgeous. Lavender Tulle Dress with Embroidery Roxi said she is completely obsessed with this dress. We totally get it, since the embroidery is done perfectly, so romantic and sophisticated. Floral embroidery is done on a nude mesh material that is not even visible when you dress it on. The dress is perfect for everybody who doesn't prefer showing off too much skin. It is long, A-line cut, and made of gorgeous tulle. The bodice feels like it is completely closed, with the mash material and embroidery, so it is a perfect choice for more modest girls. Trumpet Square Neckline Prom Dresses With Sequins If you are a fan of the mermaid/trumpet shape of the dress, like Roxi is, then this one is definitely for you. With the stunning embroidered bodice and mash, tulle skirt, this dress is great for the prom night in simply any color you choose. The back is strappy, with crisscrossed straps that create the wow effect. The front is shiny due to rhinestones that are part of the embroidery. Even though it is a bit more open at the side, you can easily go with it for the prom. If you don’t feel comfy enough, drape a scarf over the shoulders. Blush Off-The-Shoulder Dress This dusty rose dress is perfect for prom. It is feminine and elegant. Roxi said it reminded her of a Sleeping Beauty dress. Beautifully sculptured at the front, this dress will make you stand out from the crowd with its embroidery detailing and neckline. The color of the dress compliments a lot of different skin tones. A-line cut is suitable for every body shape. The material this dress is made of is pleasant and flowy, giving the skirt its full volume. The lace-up detailing on the back is romantic and very delicate. Emerald Green Prom Dress Emerald green is one of those colors that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. That was one of the main reasons Roxi picked this prom dress to try out. The bodice is sweetheart, embroidered and you can actually see through it. Besides, the cups are built-in so you don’t need to wear a bra. A-line cut is great, it won’t give you too much volume, yet it will look very sophisticated. Sheer tulle is the upper layer and beneath it is the silky satin. A simple zipper at the back makes it so easy to get into. Metallic Silver Mermaid Dress Embroidery and shiny rhinestones on the bodice aren’t definitely the only nice things about this dress, yet it is the most eye-catching one. The straps are made of tulle, however, they are not itchy. You can even adjust them. Unlike the other dresses, this one is body-clinging, maybe a bit sexier than usual. However, since the bodice is modest and there are no exaggerated details you don’t have to worry about looking too elegant for the prom.

How to Choose the Dress for the Prom: All Trendy Colors

Are you getting excited? The prom season is just around the corner. There is no better time to see the style trends and colors that will be huge this year. Whether your style is classic and you don’t prefer sequins or sparkles, or you are more into trendy puff sleeves and neon colors - we got you covered. The prom night happens once in a lifetime. Many girls look forward to it for a year, plan their outfits, and think about the trends that will guide their way into buying that perfect dress. The possibilities are endless. From different lengths, styles, and materials, choosing that perfect prom dress that will suit you can be a fun activity. We have gathered some of the biggest trendy colors for this year. Also, we will mention which cuts and styles you should focus on this season. Let’s find you a perfect prom dress. Predicted Colors for Prom 2022 These are the colors that you can expect to see this year. From jewel tones to vibrant fuchsia - you can choose depending on your personal style. No matter if you prefer classic materials or not those colors will match any tulle, satin, or crepe that you choose. Very Peri: Color of the Year 2022 Very Peri is the Pantone color of the year. If you decide to go for it, you wouldn’t make a mistake. The color is similar to lavender in summer. It is a cute shade, suitable for prom nights. It matches the spring season, hence it is not a surprise it is popular this year as well. Romantic and sensitive - if these words describe you then we think this shade is the right one for you. JJ’s House has a color similar to Very Peri - it is one of our favorites, lavender. Sparkly or nude sandals or pumps will be the perfect match for a very peri colored dress. We recommend silver over gold jewelry and a sequined clutch. Burgundy: A Perfect Choice for Prom Dress Classic and timeless - these are the words we would use to describe burgundy. It is a color of glamour and old Hollywood. You can be sure that this color will make you look both trendy and classy. No matter if you prefer sequins or chiffon, burgundy will look perfectly well regardless of the fabric. Burgundy matches with both dark and fair skin tones, as well as a brunette and blonde hairstyles. Match your burgundy dress with black or nude pumps and gold jewelry. Royal Blue: They Flatter Every Skin Tone The name itself says it - this is the color of royals. Everyone adores it, from Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle. Royal blue is such a beautiful and elegant shade. It is great for prom dresses of classic A-lines, high slits, and long lengths. You can match royal blue with other jewel tones and black. Choose the shoes that are either black or grey. You can wear both silver and gold jewelry with royal blue shade. Make sure nothing overshadows the color of your prom dress. Fuchsia: An Option to Flaunt Femininity Gorgeously Fuchsia is always a good idea for someone who is looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. Surely, this is the color for the spring, and prom season fits in just perfectly. You can be sure that your vibrant fuchsia dress will be noticed among many others. Since the color itself is eye-catching, don’t overdo details. It would be best to pick minimalistic jewelry, black or nude heels, and a clutch to complement the look. White & Black: Classic Colors, Timeless and Fashionable Is there anything more classy than a white or black dress? We say no, and that is why these two shades are (again) trending this year for the prom. A little black dress as a prom dress is always a good idea. You can then add more details, accessorize the dress with sequins, or add interesting pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, white is elegant and pure. You can style it in combination with gold, champagne, or black to avoid looking like a bride. Dark Green: The Noblest and Most Elegant Color for Prom Dark green, or as we know it emerald green is one of the most popular trendy colors for prom dresses. If you prefer elegant style and timeless colors, then this is the color to choose. Emerald green matches perfectly with lace, satin, and embroidery. Especially when you pair it with sequins - you will get an amazing prom look. Go for neutral or black shoes, gold or silver jewelry, and a sparkly clutch that will finish off the whole look. Trendy Styles for Prom 2022 Even if you decided about the prom dress color, you can check out these trending styles for prom 2022. From sequins to ruffles and feathers - you might even be surprised by some trends. Sequins Head-to-toe sequined dresses are so hot this season. Prom dresses that sparkle are adorable and you can pick from many styles - long, short, V-neck, or round one. There are some dazzling options you will be surely noticed. Embroidery The embroidery design is trending for prom night 2022. No surprise since you can choose between many embroidered styles - lacey, floral, or rhinestones and beads embellishments. Go for classic embroidery or over the dress one but try not to overdo it with other prom accessories. Off-the-Shoulder Style The asymmetric, off-the-shoulder look is more than trending for this season. You can choose between many different neckline styles, but if you want to be trendy, off-the-shoulder is the way to go. Fringes, Feathers, and Bows Believe it or not, all these three combined are predicted to be a huge trend in 2022. You can easily mix and match fringes, feathers, and bows on your dress and look absolutely adorable and unique at your prom. Mermaid Style Dresses Mermaid or fit-and-flare dresses are going to be hot for prom 2022. You can find mermaid dresses in many different colors, designs, and fabrics. This kind of dress is extremely flattering. It is tight in the bodice and with a flared skirt. Fits all body types.

Graduation Party Dress Up Tips

Graduation is one of the biggest events in our lives. According to that, we should carefully pick an outfit for it, taking care of every single detail. Sound intimidating for you? Don’t worry, we have gathered some of the best graduation party dress up tips that will surely help. One way to look stunning at your graduation is to be yourself. Follow your personal style and don’t experiment too much when picking out an outfit. If your graduation is just around the corner, consider this guide is your salvation. Choose the Color Adequately Whether or not you are in the mood for exploring new styles and shades, consider this - a graduation is indeed a formal event. Nevertheless, choosing the color of your outfit adequately is very important. It will not only show off your personal style but also represent your modesty and character. Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash Stylists recommend avoiding bright, vivid shades that attract too much attention. However, black, grey, jewel tones, as well as darker shades of red, burgundy, and pink are always good choices for a graduation party. Even if your school has robes that are in a certain color, you can always go with a shade that you like. And it doesn’t matter if they match. It is important for you to like it, and that it is trendy. Pick the Right Style of Your Attire Since graduation is a formal event, you want something that you wear to be elegant and appropriate. Shorts, sneakers, and short dresses simply are not appropriate for this kind of event. On the other hand, you should always ask yourself first - is this something I would like to wear? When picking the style of dress or graduation party attire, you should find something that suits you perfectly. Also, that should be something that you feel comfortable wearing. Choose material wisely, since you will spend some time in the dress. Go for silk, satin, and chiffon - they are the best options for formal attires. We suggest going for knee or midi length. The asymmetric cut and halter neckline of this blush pink dress is stunning for a graduation party. Know How Formal You Should Be We know how easy it is to fall into trap of being way-to-formal or super casual. You certainly shouldn’t wear jeans and sneakers to your graduation party. No matter how much you want to look casual, that is simply not the way to celebrate that important day. On the other hand, choosing a ball gown might make you feel uncomfortable and you can feel like you have gone over the line in formality. Try to make a balance. It is not easy but it is achievable. You can do that by picking one of those basic colors, mixing them with interesting cuts, and fabrics. Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash Pick The Right Shoes Alongside the dress, shoes are a crucial part of your graduation party attire. You need to pick them very carefully. Bear in mind that you will be walking and standing a lot, potentially dance. That is why your shoes should be not only trendy but also very comfortable. Wedges, classic pumps, block, and kitten heels are great since they are comfy and stylish. Metallic kitten heel sandals are the perfect choice for dance. They are also very versatile - they go with any style. Keep in Mind the Weather and Season If your graduation occurs in winter, go for darker shades, jewel tones, mustard, or navy blue. Staying warm and stylish might not be the easiest thing to do but with the right materials and layering, you can definitely do it. Spring and summer call for more bright colors, but you should stay minimal. Materials can be weightless like satin and chiffon. Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash Choose the Accessories Besides picking the right shoes, you should take some time and pick the right pieces of jewelry and bag. We recommend buying a dress first and then matching it with an appropriate clutch and jewelry. A delicate silver clutch with a small buckle is one of those ready-to-wear items that you need to have in your wardrobe.

Ball Gown - The Ultimate Prom Dress for the Queen of the Night

Dress ID: 196925 Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights for the girls. This is the time when the girls get to glamour up their pretty faces. Permed hairs, stunning prom dresses, ball gowns - the list goes on. Undoubtedly, the prom night is one of the most memorable nights for high school students. Their faces gleaming with sheer happiness, it is a day to look out for. Girls usually start planning their prom night months ahead. To make the night perfect, the outfit is the first thing to look out for, and this goes without saying. If you are looking ahead to next year’s prom and the type of prom dress you should be wearing, my recommendation would be to go for the ultimate ball queen dress. Having said so, let me warn you about this dress – it is the eventual dress to bring out your inner princess. It is sophisticated and stylish, and it can be the winner dress for your big prom night. Stick to this dress style and feel like a queen. I am sure every girl grows up watching Disney movies. Cinderella, Bella, and most recently, our beloved Elsa from Frozen. All of them have one thing in common, and that is the ball gown with all the flares, drapes, bows, and embellishments. Dress ID: 147708 So, now that you’ve decided to get a ball gown for your prom night, what’s next? Look out for a gown with nice tailoring, perfect color, and embellishments. A dress that will skip your heart a beat. Let us check some of the features this winner ball gown dress can have. Trends There are a lot of styles to choose from when it comes to what’s trending? But, of course, you will have to select based on your preference. Some winning prom dresses have sparkle and shine accents, some have high-low designs, some are vintage-inspired, some are two-piece, and some have illusion & cutouts. One more tip that you may need to consider – recently, most girls are looking into winter-themed prom dresses. Dress ID: 146362 Fabric Fabric, which relates to comfort, is very important when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for any event – prom, homecoming, wedding, and other special occasions. Satin fabric or similar materials such as charmeuse and taffeta are ideal for the picture-perfect prom dress. Naturally shiny, satin prom dresses sparkle under the lights of the dance floor. Tulle and organza are also excellent fabrics for ball gowns as they render a brilliant and magical look. On the other hand, trimmings of lace offer a vintage touch. Dress ID: 220226, Dress ID: 220271 Length Floor-length ball gowns are supreme for the occasion. You can walk around and you can even dance all you can. Well, any short prom dresses also give the same advantages. But, a mini ball gown dress may be prohibited due to the dress code. If you are looking into something shorter than a floor-length gown, a knee-length dress should do. Dresses with trains can also bring out the princess in you, but shorter trains such as a sweep train are more appropriate. You can find out more about the trains here. Color Classic blue, conveying simplicity and elegance, is Pantone’s Color for 2020. If you’d like to go with the year’s color, then you can go with classic blue for your gorgeous prom dress. Even if it is the chosen color of the year, it does not mean to say that you will have to pick a dress in that color. But, you can still incorporate the shade in your accessories. Different tones of blue, red, pink, white, and green are still popular colors for the occasion. Dress ID: 192352 Where to Shop With the 4 essential factors that a ball gown should at least have, it should be easier to find the most fitting dress for the most awaited prom. There are three types of buyers when it comes to shopping for a dress. First, the person who wants to see the item before buying. She is a person who will go to a dress shop to check on the best dress available, try it on, and finally, buying it. Second, the person who has a design in her mind. She wants the design to be made especially for her. She would go to a local tailor, discuss the design, and have the dress be made for her. When going this route, it is suggested to visit the dressmaker at least a month or two before the prom. Third, the person who loves shopping online or she could be someone who does not have enough time going around looking for stuff. Thanks to technology, we have a lot of online selling platforms. Always remember to read site reviews, check the detailed description, and provide accurate measurements or correct size. Also, ask the expected delivery date before placing the order. This will give you a clue as to whether you go for a different alternative. To give you an idea on which dress to order, here is a mystical prom dress in dark navy. It has V-neckline and long sleeves. The bodice is made of lace for a vintage look, while the ball gown skirt is crafted from layers of tulle over a silk-like-satin lining for an ethereal look. Beads and sequins enhance the top while giving a glittering effect. This beautiful gown guarantees to bring out the inner princess in you. Are you wondering where to find a dress like this? Check out the wide range of ball gown prom dresses at JJ’s House. And, yes, while you are searching for your dream dress, make sure to include in your hunt the accessories that will match well – the head accessories, jewelry, clutch, and gorgeous comfy shoes. Think of how you fix your hair - braid your hair up or put up small flowers in your hair – the choice is yours! Dress ID: 220272 Be the Disney princess you’ve always wanted to be with the ball gown, and yes! Make sure you find your prince charming. 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The Best Prom Dress Styles to Choose From for an Ultra-Chic Look

We all know how special prom night is, and choosing the right prom dress is a source of stress if you have no idea where to begin with. And in case you’re not sure what kind of dress you would like in the first place, we prepared a few suggestions that should help you out. Those are the kind of dresses that are chic, timeless, and easy to style with a variety of accessories. This mean it will be easier for you to adapt them to your personal style and be both confident and comfortable during this special event! The A-Line Dress If you’re aiming for that classic, glamorous look, then a red/burgundy dress is what you should look for. We recommend an A-line floor length dress, with a simple structure. For a sexier vibe, details such as an open back or a V-neck will do the trick, without being too revealing. A statement piece of jewelry will complete the outfit by giving it more structure and a focal point. It can be anything from drop golden earrings, a sparkling clutch or a set of wide, golden bracelets. Dress #138337 The Princess Dress Maybe you’re one of those girls who dreams of feeling like a princess on prom night – and for that we have the perfect dress idea. An A-line chiffon dress, decorated with tiny beadings on the top. The details are subtle yet very elegant and complete the look beautifully. Search for shades such as dusty pink, champagne, or lavender as those favor this delicate look. And since the dress already is a statement piece in itself, you won’t be needing any big accessories to create contrast. Dress #70353 The Mermaid Dress Another classic type of dress, the mermaid dress is probably the most comfortable and sexy option you can find, more so if the design includes an off-shoulder top. To make the look a little bit more dramatic, opt for darker tones such as navy blue, dark purple or even black and details such as sequins/beads/lace added to the top. We suggest styling your hair up so the entire shoulder/collarbone area will be visible. Dress #138526