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Väldet One-Shoulder Golvlång Chiffong Brudtärneklänning med Rufsar Pärlbrodering #007017307

Pris: SEK 1,308

Originalpriset: SEK 1,937  Sparer  SEK 629

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SEK 1,308
4.9 (baserat på 36 recension)

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Från Rachel Hitchcock 2015-10-13 20:19:29

I simply loved my dress and wish to buy another one

Från swags32 2015-09-02 07:00:52

The only problem was part of the detail was coming off. Other than that it is very pretty


Från Chrissanp 2015-05-20 10:56:52

Love my dress ! Was a real hit at the wedding !


Från Dana 2014-09-15 23:39:32 FEATURED ÖVERSIKT

I love this dress it's Amazing!!! I never imagined how beautiful I look on it. Its perfect has a good support in the top. I have impressed my husband!


Från Zakiya 2014-07-10 15:21:31 FEATURED ÖVERSIKT

I loved my dress. It fit perfectly, no alterations needed. It felt great, I looked great and it well great all night. I couldn't have been more pleased with it!

Since the wedding has passed, I will need to remove the jeweled part to wash the dress - this is what the dry cleaner's told me. She said I can have someone remove it and then put it back on after it's clean. That seems simple enough to me!

Again - love this dress. It arrived in a timely manner as well.


Från Penni Jo Braun 2016-07-02 21:22:05

I dont get married till august but I love it

Från swags32 2016-04-20 07:46:59

This turned out very nice

Från rileycasey 2015-07-24 10:37:31

Absolutely beautiful dress...was so happy, looked even better when it got to me. I would definitely recommend this dress as a prom or bridesmaid, my niece looked stunning..
VERY happy thankyou..x

Från Anicho4250 2015-03-02 19:10:35

I love my dress, I will order again.

Svar från JJsHouse 2015-03-03 00:58:20

Hey Vanessa, we appreciate your wonderful review. We are glad you are pleased with our products, . It is our privilege to extend affordable prices to anyone coveting quality dresses.

Från Evabailey14 2014-11-02 16:40:24

I received my 3 bridesmaids dresses and am as pleased as pleased can be, the high quality of the fabric and the finish of the dresses was such good quality couldn't have asked for better would recammend this dress to any one out there thats looking for a top quality dress my bridesmaids will be beautiful on my big day thank you jj's house for making it so easy to get the coulour dresses that i wanted( pool blue) happy days

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