Trumpet/Sjöjungfru V-ringning Golvlång Charmeuse Klänning för Brudens Mor med Rufsar Spets Paljetter #3481

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SEK 1,196


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please could you send me a picture of this dress in fushia / chocolate and chanpagne also could you let me know if you can make the dress one colour and the lace design in a different colour thankyou

can u make jacket ?

could u send me pictures of this dress in brown ,chocolate ,gold , hunter green , green and sage
many thanks

Does this come with the jacket? Does it come in Chiffon #804 color?
Thank you

Hi there, please could you tell me if you could make this outfit to just below the knee

Please confirm what colour this dress is? I would like this colour in one of your
other dress designs.

Hi, does the price of include the wrap? If so, I'll be so happy to order it.

Hello, I love this dress and ready to order! It is a bit confusing from the reviews on this page to understand in which color the dress on the picture is shown? In one post it indicates Champaign and in the other one - Pearl Pink. Please advice, I love it in the color shown! Thank you!

Also, how do you measure for the wrap to determine what size?

i only came across your website yesterday and am very impressed. I am going to order this for my son’s wedding. It’s perfect for his wedding.

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