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A-linjeformat Hjärtformad Asymmtrisk Organzapåse Balklänning med Pärlbrodering Svallande Krås #14995

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2 WEEKS!!!! Less then 2 weeks it came custom made from CHINA to CANADA to my door in a small box!! I was worried but trusted the reviews and when i opened the box PUFF!!!! My BEAUTIFUL dress popped out! I was so excited I took everything off and threw it over my head and POW!!!!!! The train was very long and PERFECT!! The FIT was PERFECT, the material DID NOT look cheap it looked AMAZING!!! The small details were PERFECT!!! As someone who is getting into the event planning business JJ's HOUSE IS THE PLACE I will not only send my clients but the ONLY place i will be getting formal dresses (any dresses) from now on!!! The best touch, it was only $300!!!! I got this as my reception dress and it is comparable to my $2500.00 gown! I wish I saved my money and just ordered from here 1st!! It also comes with a beautiful, adjustable built in bra that i thought was amazing and the work is SO clean and well done. DON'T waste $2500 like I did!!! try JJ's house 1st then if you don't like it talk to them. I wrote to them worried the bust would be too big and they wrote back right away and were so helpful! I cant wait to order my next formal dress *just because*. THANK YOU JJ's HOUSE!! I will post a photo once I have it on again!! THANK YOU!!

A really good dress

Everything fits perfect. I will definitely order from here again and recommend it to all my friends.

It was just what I was looking for. Prefect fit !!!!!! I can't wait until my wedding day !!!!!

Got this dress today and words can't describe how beautiful it is, I am so happy. A dress like this at a name brand bridal store would cost $2000.00. I would recommend JJ's House to everyone, they did a awesome job!!! I am sooo happy. I will buy from them again. :)

At first I was so hesitant to buy this dress on line because it might look so cheap. But when i received it and saw it, I fell l in love with it right away.The dress is so elegant. It looks so pretty!!

Got this dress this morning. I have to say I am very happy! The dress is well made. Perfect size and good quality! I can not fault anything from it. I will buy more from you! I promise:)

I have never bought any dress on line and this is the first time. Absolutely thrilled with this dress! I can not wait to wear it. I believe I will be unique and attractive at the party. I appreciate your good product and service.

Bought this dress online for the first time. I was hesitant at first but now I'm so glad I bought it! The quality is amazing. And it fits me perfectly! Highly recommended.

Wow!! This dress is so beautiful. It is made of chiffon. And I bought it in the picture color. I think I will be the star on the prom. I can not wait to wear it to the prom. So excited!! Thank you:)

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