Элегантные жемчуг Женщины Комплекты ювелирных изделий

Элегантные жемчуг Женщины Комплекты ювелирных изделий #28979

RUB 415
RUB 415

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Wow! The pearl jewellery match my evening dress well. I was definitely the focus of the event and I cannot believe that I can catch other's eyes. Thank you to make me so beautiful.

I wore this with my evening dress to attend a party, and this was shining all the night, and my friends couldn't believe I got this at such a price. They thought this was crazy.LOL Thank you, will come back later.

Oh my GOD, it has just arrived- quicker than I thought! received it 2 days in advance!!!it is so BEAUTIFUL!!! As on the picture,or even better. Everything look great, I am so happy! Thanks you very much!!I love you! Recommend to everyone!!!!!!!!

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