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Красивая сплав/Стразы Женщины Комплекты ювелирных изделий

Красивая сплав/Стразы Женщины Комплекты ювелирных изделий #28414

RUB 1 252
RUB 1 252

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Thank you very much for your kind service.

The jewelry set is wonderful. It is exactly the same as what is in the picture. It seems of high quality. I'm planning to order some other accessories on your website. Thanks.

I love the jewelry sets. The colors are gorgeous and the design is special. You are a good shopping website and I feel lucky. I will order more products. Thank you JJsHouse.

What a nice necklace! The necklace and earrings are made of rhinestones in different colours, which are special and beautiful especially in the evening. I love the sets very much due to the low price as well as the design and colours.

Schöner Schmuck

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