Enkel Favør Vesker med Bånd (sett av 12)

Enkel Favør Vesker med Bånd (sett av 12) #27867

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The price of this items is so affordable and I regret to order them only in one color. Next time, I will order more colors on it.
As first I also worry about the quality on it, as the price is very low, and now recommend to order these. send two pictures on the bags I order here.


I bought hundreds such bags from you and use them to distribute sweet candies to my friends, they saved me a lot, if not, I had to buy expensive boxes.

I found these favor bags on your website when I order a dress, they are very cheap, but the quality is not bad, will recommend them to my friends.

these are the small items you sent to me with the wedding dress for me to put the candies, they are very useful and I don't have to buy it separately.

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