Separate Bane-tog Jersey Brudekjørt

Separate Bane-tog Jersey Brudekjørt(002110497) #110497

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NOK 1 059

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I ordered a custom size and the skirt was well-made to my measurements. It looks almost identical to the photos. I was also pleasantly surprised by the loop in the underskirt which allows it to be lifted for dancing.

The jersey material is slightly shiny and double layered, which makes it quite heavy (unlike a satin/silk type of material that would be light and flowy). The weight of the material means that when you walk, instead of the material spreading out behind you, it often bunches up and requires readjusting for photos – which isn't too bad for me as I am only wearing it during my reception. Even though it is double layered, it is still slightly see-through, so the bright pink 'JJ'sHouse' logo on the 'hanging straps' can be seen through the material! I will probably cut these off and wear seamless, nude colour underwear.

But other than that, I am happy with the skirt over all :)


This shirt match with my coat well and the fabric of Jersey is so soft. Thanks for rushing my urgent order.

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