Trompet/Havfrue Stroppløs Kapell tog Satin Organza Brudekjole med Brusende Volanger

Trompet/Havfrue Stroppløs Kapell tog Satin Organza Brudekjole med Brusende Volanger #11995

NOK 2 299
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NOK 2 299

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I am very happy with my purchase of this dress even though the custom size option did not work out. The dress was ordered 11-25-17 and arrived only about 2 weeks later. Per the video tutorial, I had my mom take my custom measurements. She did the measurements twice to make sure they were correct. Unfortunately, while the length of the dress I received was perfect, the hips and waist were both about 3 inches too big. I sent pictures of the dress measurements to JJ house and they took care of the issue by refunding $40 toward alterations. The alterations ended up being $70. However, this included the amount of work the seamstress did to add a bustle (at a rate of $6 per button for 5 buttons - so $30 for the bustle which means the $40 refund exactly covered the rest of the alterations). Overall, I would recommend choosing a regular size as you will need to take the dress to a seamstress anyway to have a bustle added. This is normal for wedding dresses and not unique to JJ House). All in all, the dress was a great value. It was beautiful and great quality, especially for the price. After ordering my dress, I went to David's Bridal to help my Mom and future mother-in-law shop for their dresses. After looking at their selection I was so glad I chose JJ House for my dress. The dress I received from JJ's House was much prettier than anything I saw there and the price was so much better than even their plain dresses. Regarding storage of the dress, I bought a breathable dress garment bag that I kept the dress in for about 6 months before the wedding as I was married in June. I was concerned that the skirt would get wrinkly during storage, but it did not. On my wedding day, I received a lot of compliments on the dress including how well it "danced". All I know is, I'm very picky, but I could not have been more satisfied with this dress. Ordering my wedding dress online was a scary prospect for me, but this experience with JJ's House worked out very well in the end. I appreciated that they allowed photos in their reviews because it allowed me to see the actual dress on a real bride before I made my decision to purchase. Since I found the real life photos so helpful, I hope my posting a photo will help another bride-to-be.


Just received the dress today and I'm so pleased with it, it looks great!
If you don't say anything, no one will think it's a under 300 dollar dress!!
Love it!
Thank you JJ'shouse!!


Excelente, justo lo que vi en la foto y las medidas precisas.


J'ai oublié de spécifier que j'aimerais que la fleur (morceau de tissus en forme de fleur) ne soit pas instalée sur la robe en bas de la poitrine, mais qu'elle soit à part et je la ferai moi- même installer à l'endroit de mon choix dès que je la recevrai. Merci de tenir compte de cette demande!

sehr hochwertig, euer Service ist sehr gut, die Mitarbeiter sind alle super nett und freundlich, antworten alle meiner Anfragen rechtzeitig. Ich bin mit der Verarbeitung auch sehr zufrieden, komme gern wieder :)

thanks jjs house

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