Vakkert Legering/Papir Blomsterpike Hodestykke

Vakkert Legering/Papir Blomsterpike Hodestykke #26768

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NOK 18

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I bought the comb to match my dress and it turned our very well. Good!

Received my package today! The color lavender is elegant. It matches my dress color. I will wear it to attend my brother's wedding. Perfect price, perfect quality!

hi, my wedding gown is a kind of special, it is made in lilac and i have checked many physical stores and online websites to find a lilac hairpins but failed until i found you :)
the paper hear hair comb is amazing!!

These hair combs I purchased for the flower girls at my wedding - they are cheap but they work - they look really good too - the paper needs to be 'fluffed' up when you get them - I found that steaming them helped to bring the flowers back to life - they are paper after all ... very cute.

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