Dette er en ferdig kjole, den er skreddersydd og fotografert av Alle rettigheter er reservert. Kopiering eller på annen måte reprodusering av dette bildet er strengt forbudt.
  • A-formet/Prinsesse Stroppløs Asymmetrisk Chiffong Høytidskjole med Perlebesydd Brusende Volanger

    NOK 1 273

  • Imperium Scoop Hals Gulvlengde Chiffong Høytidskjole med Frynse Perlebesydd

    NOK 1 224

  • A-formet/Prinsesse V-hals Sweep/Børste train Chiffong Høytidskjole med Frynse Blonder Profilering

    NOK 1 246

  • Imperium V-hals Gulvlengde Chiffong Høytidskjole med Frynse

    NOK 1 088

  • Imperium V-hals Sweep/Børste train Chiffong Høytidskjole med Frynse Profilering paljetter

    NOK 1 491

  • Linjeform V-hals Knelengde Taft Høytidskjole med Frynse

    NOK 860

Trompet/Havfrue Off-the-Shoulder Gulvlengde Taft Høytidskjole med Frynse #25961


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* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Ekstra billig Frakt: 10-30 dager

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Produktkode #25961 Silhouette Trompet/Havfrue
halsen Off-the-Shoulder Lengde Gulvlengde
Stoff Taft Utsmykning Frynse
Stroppløs Ermer Ermer Kortermer
Rygg Snøring Helfôret Ja
Innebygd BH Ja Boning Ja
Vist Farge Burgunder Størrelse Generell, Pluss
Arstid Vinter, Høst Modellens kjolestørrelse US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32
Modellinformasjon Høyde:5.7ft Bryst:34in Midje:24in Hofter:35in
Kjolen inkluderer ikke tilbehør i bildet, for eksempel sjal/jakker, hansker, slør, veske, etc. Du kan ta kontakt for å bestille tilbehøret for seg.
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Bestselgende Varer

  • Skinner Satin Koblinger/Wristletter (012068176)

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  • Unik Krystall / Rhinestone Wristletter/Brude Pung/Luksus Koblinger (012069703)

    NOK 1 437

  • Elastan/Blonder Formet Bekledning (125072140)

    NOK 174

  • Elastan/Lykra Truser (125071196) 65

    NOK 102

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Produkt anmeldelser

4.6 (basert på 10 anmeldelser)
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Very Elegant and Beautiful dress! Got a lot of compliments from friends and family.


Two beautiful gowns from JJ's for New Year's Eve 2015 with the Boston Pops!

I ordered this dress for a law firm Christmas party. The dress arrived in less time than expected and was lovely. The dark green taffeta is a vibrant emerald that was perfect for the party and my Irish complexion. The tailoring was lovely and with the custom measurements the dress fit like a glove. Thank you for creating such a lovely gown for me.

The only two things I would offer as advice for future purchasers are this -
1. It is hard to tell in the photos, but there is not a modesty panel under the laces. Which means even with the dress perfectly laced, there is still a chance for skin to show thru. As I wanted the dress to be more on the conservative side, I ordered an additional piece of fabric and had my tailor make me amodesty panel for the gown.
2. With the custom measurements they add on two inches in length to accommodate heels. Only problem was that my heels start at 3 inches, so I felt I would have liked the dress to be one inch longer. Just something to note and something I will keep in mind for my future purchases.


i bout this dress for my aunt & it looked perfectly fit & as described .

the delivery time was in the estimated time.

Thank you jjhouse, i will tell my friends about you.


The dress was beautiful and made me feel beautiful as well. It was shipped in the timeframe indicated... Very satisfied with my purchase and getting ready for the next... Thank you JJ's House Sylvie

Addition to my previous review.

Dear JJhouse. Please place the information for customers to check import duty taxes for their countries. The information have to be on every page with the dress. Now it is only among FAQs which is obviously and unfortunately not enough.

First of all, thank you very much for a great dress and extremely fast delivery service. The quality of the tailoring for the dress is just fine. I was amazed. People, who reads the feedbacks, can be sure that they will have a high quality product. I was happy with the dresses.
The only thing that was extremely unplesant is the customs import duty tax. I will join to the people asking to put it in big letters so your customers keep it in mind and carefully check. The dresses are perfect, people will buy even with high taxes. Just it is always better to be ready. When I got the bill for two dresses for taxes over 110 euro I was shocked. I know it is my fault and I had to check it before purchasing, but the lack of the experience (it was my first purchase) and I am in s uch an unpleasant trouble. Now I have a pellet that I can not even see these dresses and they are not bringing me a joy at all.
I would deeply ask you to lead peole like me and prevent them from misunderstanding for the price. Please, place this information on the FAQs and reads "Note #3" there.

First, the dress fit perfectly! It was exactly what I wanted for my formal sit-down dinner for 70 in my home to kick off the holidays.

Room for improvement - It never states on the website that they are actually shipping from outside the country and you will get a bill (nominal) separately for customs fees!

The description of this actual dress isn't clear on the fact that from the waist up, the back is actually a lace up. It's OK, but it was a surprise - I had to get help to dress!

The lining of the dress was not the correct color. (bright red lining for a burgundy dress). This sounds small, but when any part of it showed across the neckline there was an annoying contrast.

But even with all this, I have already recommended the site to my friends and I will buy again!

I have to say, this was my first ever purchase. Of course I had my doughts. I am so amazed the service I got to begin with with my questions and my directions. When I received my dress, it was just PERFECT..... I look a million dollars.

I really recommend JJ's house to others......

Very Sincerely thank you. I will be buying all my gowns from here....

Ordered this dress for my daughter with custom measurements. Arrived ahead of schedule, neatly packaged. The dress is beautifully sewn with incredibly quality fabric and fits perfectly. Sending in custom measurements saved us a small fortune on have alterations done. I'll absolutely be returning here for future dresses and will tell all my friends!