To-lags Fingertuppen Brude Slør med Blyant Kant
Farge: Duegrå
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To-lags Fingertuppen Brude Slør med Blyant Kant #36604


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* Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
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Grunnlagti 2007,er JJ's House den globale ledende online forhandler for bryllup kjoler, kjoler for spesielle anledninger, bryllup fest kjoler, Motekjoler og tilbehør. Kunder kan bla gjennom den enorme online selection og velge sin favoritt kjoler med stor tilfredshet.

Produktkode #36604 Kategori Fingertuppen Brude Slør
Stoff Tyll Utsmykning Profilering, Imitert Perle, Paljetter
Slør Lag To-lags Slør Form Klassisk stil
Kant Stil Blyant Kant Vist Farge Hvit
Tilgjengelig Farge Hvit, Elfenben Faktiske Slør Lengde 35.43 tommers (90cm)
Korteste Layer Lengde 27.56 tommers (70cm) Arstid Vår, Sommer, Høst, Vinter
Hvordan Bruke Kam med Slør, klare til bruk
Tips Farge & Stil representasjon kan variere fra skjerm
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Beautiful veil with beading along the edges! Love love!


Absolutely perfect! Amazing price as well, in shops it would seriously cost 3 times as much. I was so moved when I tried it on!!! Matches dress wonderfully, I got the option in ivory which is still very light (almost white).


It's perfect, thank you!


I am so happy I ordered this veil. Previously, I ordered a veil from Lightxxxxx website but it was so different and disappointing in real. I was worried because I only had three weeks left until my wedding. When I saw this veil my all worries gone. This is so beautiful and detailed. I love it. the packaging was nice and secure. Thank you so much JJ's House... I am so happy that I ordered from this website :) I will definitely recommend.

I am so happy with the quality of the veil. The beading even looks great. You cannot beat the price. I was so frustrated shopping at countless bridal stores that had basic veils for over $200. I was hesitant to buy my veil without seeing it in person, but it was so worth it. It matches perfectly.
I did expedited shipping and received it in 4 days. I was so happy to receive it earlier than expected. Thank you so much!

I ordered this veil in Ivory. I was worried about ordering from a photo. I found a similar one at the local bridal shop for $189.00. The quality of this one from JJ’s is leaps and bounds above the expensive one. I am so happy with my purchase. It is a true Ivory and will match my dress wonderfully. The tulle is soft, not scratchy at all. The beading is delicate. No one will believe what I paid!

My veil came today, I was a bit worried at first ordering online without seeing it in person, but I am pleased with it it’s absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to wear it on my big day 2nd March 2018

This veil is absolutely gorgeous! I was so much prettier than the photo and such a bargain. The bridal shop wanted $100!!! Very,very satisfied.

Che dirr del velo ..l ho prdinato separatamnete dal vestito e sembrasia stato cicito proprio per l abito !!complimenti !!

Beautiful veil