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  • Blonder Tyll Bryllup Wrap

    NOK 183

Blonder Organza Bryllup Wrap #4167


NOK 329
Skreddertid: 12-15 dager + Frakttid: 2-6 dager * Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Ekstra billig Frakt: 10-30 dager
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Grunnlagti 2007,er JJ's House den globale ledende online forhandler for bryllup kjoler, kjoler for spesielle anledninger, bryllup fest kjoler, Motekjoler og tilbehør. Kunder kan bla gjennom den enorme online selection og velge sin favoritt kjoler med stor tilfredshet.

Produktkode #4167 Kategori Wrap
Anledning Bryllup Stoff Blonder, Organza
Ermene Uten Ermer Utsmykning Blonder
Arstid Vår Vist Farge Hvit
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Produkt anmeldelser

4.6 (basert på 19 anmeldelser)
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Rifinito in modo preciso. Ottima vestibilità. L ho acquistato rosso ed è un bel rosso brillante.

I love this wrap so much

Que dire je suis très satisfaite ,je n avais jamais commandée , aujourd'hui depuis que j'ai reçu mon article ,je suis heureuse de l'avoir fait ,aucun regret,la piece est de très belle qualitée merci encore

Beautiful... it goes well with the dress I bought.

Passer perfekt til kjolen

This is a Beautiful item. I only hope there was an easier way to connect with the representatives with uncertainty. I'm anticipating the arrival as I need it by a certain date and need to confirm that I will receive the item.

bello come in foto ottimo

I bought this wrap to go along with a sleeveless dress. I am very self conscious about my arms photographing well, so I purchased this wrap. It matches perfectly and I am having it sewn onto the dress by my seamstress.

I love the product,

Just the item I wanted! Well made, light and lovely.
One thing I would do if I order another though is just measure around the body including arms, and put this dimension on the order, just to be sure of a good fit.
I will definitely suggest my friends use JJ's House for any needs they have.