Nydelig Satin Hårnåler
Farge: Rød
  • Mote Rhinestone/Legering Hårnåler

    NOK 96

  • Mote Rhinestone/Legering Hårnåler

    NOK 22

  • Damer Nydelig Legering Hårnåler med Venetianske Perle (Selges i ett stykke)

    NOK 18

  • Måte Rhinesten Legering Hårnåler (Sett av 4)

    NOK 26

  • Damer Glamorøse Legering Hårnåler med Venetianske Perle

    NOK 44

  • Damer Vakkert Legering Hårnåler Sett Av 6

    NOK 26

Nydelig Satin Hårnåler #24254


NOK 26
Behandlings Tid: 5-6 dager + Frakttid: 2-6 dager * Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Ekstra billig Frakt: 10-30 dager


Grunnlagti 2007,er JJ's House den globale ledende online forhandler for bryllup kjoler, kjoler for spesielle anledninger, bryllup fest kjoler, Motekjoler og tilbehør. Kunder kan bla gjennom den enorme online selection og velge sin favoritt kjoler med stor tilfredshet.

Produktkode #24254 Kategori Hårnåler
Anledning Bryllup, Spesielle anledninger, Utendørs Antall (Sett med 3)
Materialer Satin Lengde 2.60"(Ca. 6.6cm)
Bredde 1.18"(Ca. 3cm)
Tips Farge & Stil representasjon kan variere fra skjerm, Ikke ansvarlig for typografiske og billedlike feil
Bestselgende Varer

Bestselgende Varer


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They looked great! Now the pen part that you stick into your hair. That holds your hair together. Is a little bit long. So you may have to trim they a bit.But they look great!

This set of three hairpins are very adorable. I added them to my shopping cart for its attractive price. I also bought a dress and a pair of shoes from this website. They are all very beautiful and fit me perfectly. Thanks a lot.

I love the hairpins! They are elegant and go well with my hairdo. The satin is definitely good quality! Thank you for such good stuff!

i ordered them two weeks ago and now they have arrived my home on time, at first i was worried you are a scam, now i believe you are a legal company

The pink flowers are so nice and my mum love them very much and she took two of them from my box, although i am reluctant , but she will buy more for me :)

I am fond of these flowers, and the colors are very suitable for the color of my dress. I would love to buy some dresses from them next time for my coming birthday party. I am very pleased with their service:)I will give 5 stars to them!