Nydelig Blonder/Tyll Pannebånd med Perle
Farge: Elfenben
Nydelig Blonder/Tyll Pannebånd med Perle (042025231)
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Nydelig Blonder/Tyll Pannebånd med Perle #25231


NOK 18
Behandlings Tid: 5-5 dager + Frakttid: 2-6 dager * Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Fremskyndet Frakt: 2-6 dager
* Standard Frakt: 3-8 dager
* Ekstra billig Frakt: 10-30 dager


Grunnlagti 2007,er JJ's House den globale ledende online forhandler for bryllup kjoler, kjoler for spesielle anledninger, bryllup fest kjoler, Motekjoler og tilbehør. Kunder kan bla gjennom den enorme online selection og velge sin favoritt kjoler med stor tilfredshet.

Produktkode #25231 Kategori Pannebånd
Anledning Bryllup, Spesielle anledninger Materialer Blonder, Tyll
Edelstener Perle Lengde 3.94"(Ca. 10cm)
Bredde 3.15"(Ca. 8cm) Tips Fargen embellishments vises som bilde
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Bestselgende Varer


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I got the package. The shipment was so fast. That was fantastic! I will highly recommend your shopping site to my friends, co-workers as well as my family!

Very nice fascinator! It would match with anything. It is absolutely sweet and will be so versatile for so many occasions. It is very amazing, I like it!

Very fast delivery. it takes about 10 days to receive it. and the item is so beautiful. goes perfectly with my dress! Very beautiful and looks just like the picture! Overall very pleased! Thanks!!!!!

this is the one for my wedding day. very pretty and look expensive. are perfect for my flower girls & look great in their hair. Great selection at a cheap price.

Really happy with product I ordered here, it is beautifully made for the price, very speedy delivery, and I am very happy with this purchase here, everything goes smooth with it. Will come to buy more items here.