Kvinner Nylon/Tyll Nettveggen Katedralen Train 3 Nivåer Underskjørt
Farge: Duegrå
Kvinner Nylon/Tyll Nettveggen Katedralen Train 3 Nivåer Underskjørt (037031003)
  • Kvinner Nylon/Tyll Nettveggen Fotside 2 Nivåer Underskjørt

    NOK 169

  • Kvinner Lykra Gulv-lengde 1 Nivåer Underskjørt

    NOK 165

  • Kvinner Nylon Gulv-lengde 1 Nivåer Underskjørt

    NOK 126

  • Kvinner Nylon Te-lengde 1 Nivåer Underskjørt

    NOK 78

  • Kvinner Tyll Nettveggen/Polyester Knelang 3 Nivåer Underskjørt

    NOK 96

  • Kvinner Tyll Nettveggen/Elastan Gulv-lengde 2 Nivåer Underskjørt

    NOK 442

Kvinner Nylon/Tyll Nettveggen Katedralen Train 3 Nivåer Underskjørt #31003


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Grunnlagti 2007,er JJ's House den globale ledende online forhandler for bryllup kjoler, kjoler for spesielle anledninger, bryllup fest kjoler, Motekjoler og tilbehør. Kunder kan bla gjennom den enorme online selection og velge sin favoritt kjoler med stor tilfredshet.

Produktkode #31003 Kategori Underskjørt
Kjønn Kvinner Anledning Spesielle anledninger
Stoff Nylon, Tyll Nettveggen Sømbøjle Materialer Stål
Kjøp etter Stil En Line Skli Tiers 3 Nivåer
ring Layer 2 Midje Closure Borrelås Midje
Midje 25.59"-39.37"(Ca.65~100cm) Lengde 35inch(Ca.88.9cm)
Hem Omkrets 135.02inch(Ca.342.95cm) Tog Lengde 31.50inch(Ca.80cm)
Tilgjengelig Farge Hvit Tips Håndvask, Dukkert Tørr
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4.8 (basert på 9 anmeldelser)
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This is a wonderful petticoat! Worked sooo well with my cathedral gown! It was packed well and arrived on time. Definitely recommend !


Niquel reçu très rapidement en mm temps que la robe merci beaucoup

Fin efter en liten strykning:)

This is perfect for my dress! I love it! I love that it poofs out the skirt and the train a little bit. I highly recommend this slip to anyone needing some extra poof in the skirt and train.

Er passt wunderbar zum kleid und ich kann nur sagen ihr seid klasse schnell antwort und super Beratung!

Fits really well and goes well with my dress.

I am just such a believer in this site. I am beyond impressed with the service provided here. I ordered this peticoat and a custom sized dress and received them both in less than 2 weeks. This peticoat isn't the best quality of tulle but it does its job for way less money than some others I've seen in bridal stores. Now my dress, omg it is made of amazing quality and I can't wait to wear it and I also can't wait for my next special occasion so I can order another custom made dress made just for me!!! This is such a great website with great service and unbeatable prices.

Estoy segura que mi vestido lucira mejor con esta enagua. Estoy muy feliz con mi compra

i received my wedding dress and the petticoat yesterday and they just match each other perfectly!! when i wear them, just as the model in the picture, the dress is so puffy!! thank you very much and would like to recoemmend this to all of you!!