En-lags Fingertuppen Brude Slør med Beaded Kant
Farge: Duegrå
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En-lags Fingertuppen Brude Slør med Beaded Kant #36616


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Grunnlagti 2007,er JJ's House den globale ledende online forhandler for bryllup kjoler, kjoler for spesielle anledninger, bryllup fest kjoler, Motekjoler og tilbehør. Kunder kan bla gjennom den enorme online selection og velge sin favoritt kjoler med stor tilfredshet.

Produktkode #36616 Kategori Fingertuppen Brude Slør
Stoff Tyll Utsmykning Profilering, Paljetter
Slør Lag En-lags Slør Form Engelskjæring / Foss
Kant Stil Beaded Kant Vist Farge Hvit
Tilgjengelig Farge Hvit, Elfenben Faktiske Slør Lengde 35.43 tommers (90cm)
Arstid Vår, Sommer, Høst, Vinter Hvordan Bruke Kam med Slør, klare til bruk
Tips Farge & Stil representasjon kan variere fra skjerm
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FYI ATTENTION BRIDES! The pictures don’t do a good job of showing veils. I was curious of the quality bc of the price point but this veil is stunning as they all are! This is NOT a beaded veil- it’s actially like a thick rhinestone! It’s beautiful and the perfect length. Comb is also 10x sturdier than some pics show. I thought it would NEVER hold my hair and was dinky as pics show but it’s not. So trust that it’s thick and will hold your hair. I originally wanted metal bc my hair is super thick and this is really nice. Also— the order came in less than a week. I’m shocked. Thank u so much jjs house


Very pleased!


The veil is beautiful and certainly a great price! I am very pleased with jjshouse. I also ordered a fur wrap from this site and both were very true to the pictures and colors requested. I was nervous because the picture for my veil was shown in white and I ordered ivory. I didn't want the veil to look dirty if it came a little darker than I wanted but it's COMPLETELY perfect for my dress and they match perfectly!!! If you're up close to the veil you can tell it's not an expensive piece but in pictures you would never know! Perfect veil for a budget bride!!!


The stones were bigger on the edge of the veil then they looked in the picture, however still a beautiful veil at a great price!!


Very beautiful product that arrived very quickly. Great quality and i cant believe i got it for the price that i did. I was not disappointed at all and i recommend ordering from JJshouse in the future.


What a fantastic veil. Looks beautiful. Can’t wait to wear it!

The veil is made of a nice material. The beading (which are more like threaded rhinestones) are not as delicate/small as I was hoping for, but overall is a nice simple veil.

I have to admit I was skeptical as to how great such an inexpensive veil could be. It arrived on time and was in perfect condition. It was such a pretty accent with the beading and was everything I needed it to be! It did not look cheap at all. It was so pretty in the photos!

Very nice quality. Matches my dress perfectly!

This veil is simple and beautiful. Shipping was quick and painless.

I am so happy I found this website. It has saved me so much money.