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Kleur: Jade
Dit is een voltooide jurk geproduceerd door JJsHouse.com en gefotografeerd in onze studio. Alle rechten voorbehouden. Het kopieren of anderzijds reproduceren van deze afbeelding is ten strengste verboden.

A-Lijn/Prinses Ronde Hals Enkellengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk #56828

Moeder van de Bruid Jurken

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De jurk is Op-Maat-Gemaakt. Of u nu kiest voor een standaardmaat of een Op-Maat-Gemaakt, onze kleermakers maken elke jurk op bestelling.


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Productcode #56828 Silhouet A-Lijn/Prinses
hals Ronde Hals Lengte Enkellengte
Stof De Chiffon Strapless Normale Bandjes
Mouw Mouwloos Stijl Achterkant Rits Omhoog
Geheel gevoerd Nee Ingebouwde BH Nee
Baleinen Nee Getoonde Kleur Jade
Maat Algemeen, Plus Model's Dress Size US 4 / UK 8 / EU 34
Modelinformatie Lengte:5.7ft Borst:34in Taille:25in Heupen:36in
De jurk is exclusief de accessoires zoals op de foto, zoals bijvoorbeeld stola´s/jassen, handschoenen, sluier, handtas, etc. U kunt contact met ons opnemen om de accessoires apart te bestellen.
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لقد تم استسلام السلعه

I chose this dress to wear to my Grandson's wedding and ordered Jan. 14, 2017. I chose the fuchsia color. I received this week and I'm so happy !! Fits perfect and this is my first time ordering a dress made to order. No alterations. Color is "awesome". Just wanted to give a "shout out of thanks" to all that had a hand in making me a "beautiful" dress. My children think its very pretty even the "men" in the family !! Keep up the good work and God Bless.

I chose and ordered this dress for my son's wedding in Champagne. I wasn't certain about the size so I went on your Chat with Jane. She was extremely helpful and patient as we determined what size I should order. The ordering process was easy and the dress arrived within the specified time frame. The dress arrived folded in a plastic bag. The color was spot on and it fit perfectly! I returned to the website to Chat again to inquired about whether the creases would fall out if I just hung it up. I was told no. Off, to what I thought was my competent dry cleaner, to have the creases pressed out. (Instructions on label "Do not dry clean, Do not wash, Professionally spot clean.) Well they didn't do as well as I hoped. The dress and the lining are one in the same so when they pressed it, the lining wrinkled. So be careful about how you take care of the creases when it arrives. The tiny pears around the jacket are beautiful. I selected a pearl necklace (similar color as the pearls) and earrings as my accessories. I received many compliments on me and the dress at the wedding and the reception. I felt like the Queen Mother! (When I attempted to add a photo, I got something about "only provide JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP file" had no clue what this meant.)

Got the dress in white for my 50 th wedding re vow service. Perfect fit did not have to have it hemmed or anything. My husband loved the fit so much that the asked me to order this dress again in another color. I am 70 and 5'11"

For my great grandmother to walk down in my wedding! Got it in champagne and a size 8, she's 97 and it looks great on her! Not too "old-ladyish" but very sophisticated. Perfect for any older/mature woman! I love it!

Arrived on time, and a perfect fit! The quality is great and properly represented. I highly recommend this company. I will be ordering again, when I need a nice dress. I'm pretty amazed.

The dress color was spot on what I wanted. However I custom ordered the size of my body and they sent the closest US size to my order. When I received it the stomach and hip area were VERY SNUG. So the custom size is a farce. The dress is as shown in the picture and gorgeous, it just doesn't fit me properly. Luckily I have a couple of months to lose the 10 pounds needed to fit into the dress. Unfortunately I hate dieting. :(

Just received my mother-of-the bride dress. It is very pretty and I am so pleased with it. Thank you very much.

I got this dress on Friday. It is beautiful. It is my first time ordering from this site.
I am very pleased with the quality of the dress. Beautiful colour and style!! The dress is very well made :) Thank you!!!

Hello, how are you?
We chose this dress as a gift for my mom. When we got it, the dress is wonderful. My mother was very happy with her dress. The skirt with folded layer is so beautiful.

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