色: 象牙
Satin/コットン (123031424)
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Satin/コットン #31424


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製品コード #31424 カテゴリー ブートニエール
結婚式, パーティー ブーケの形 フリーフォーム
材料 サテン, コットン 高さ 5.91 "(約 15cm)
3.94"(約 10cm)
ヒント カラーとスタイル表現は モニターによって異なる場合があります, 誤字や絵画の誤りについて責任を負いません.

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Ah! My package was left at the porch. The product is gorgeous. It is beautiful and in top quality. I have recommended you to my friends. And I will come back to you in the future.

I didn't know how to express my appreciation when I got this wonderful product. It is just so beautiful. It is out of my expectation that I can have such a nice product with such a low price.

I have got the package. It is 5 days before my big day. I am relieved now. I knew that it was late for ordering the stuff for my wedding. Thank you for your attention and nice service.

So cheap and good quality!!! I got my order!!! They are incredible. I never known that I can get so nice products from online shopping!!! Soooooooooo nice!! Thanks JJsHouse soooo much!

to my surprise, the delivery is so quick. i can not believe the package is sent from another country. i buy a wedding dress and several this wrist corsage and it only took 4 days to come to my house. so fast! thank you