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(050032571) #32571


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製品コード #32571 結婚式
テーマ クラシックテーマ, ガーデンテーマ カテゴリー クリスタル土
に示すカラー ピンク, 白, 青, 赤 (1パック200)
梱包 ポリエステル製バッグ
ヒント カップは含まれていません, 水を満たしたときに結晶土壌が展開されます.これは,装飾品として使用することができ


  • お名前入り クリスタル (118048034)

    JPY¥ 3,721

  • お名前入り ステンレス鋼 キーチェーン (118030195)

    JPY¥ 302

  • 魅惑的な ラウンド 人絹 フラワーセット (4本セット) ブートニエール/ブライダルブーケ/ウエディングブーケ (123074013)

    JPY¥ 8,024

  • 美しい フラワーバスケット (102047560)

    JPY¥ 1,697

  • 1段 レースアップリケ縁 カテドラルのベール ととも​​に アップリケ (006005417)

    JPY¥ 5,465

  • クラシック 結婚式 ガーター、ガータースカート (104071990)

    JPY¥ 918



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5 (based on 7 reviews)

exactly as shown as picture, great and fast shipping!

The hydrogel color looks very cute, highly recommended for parties, vases or decoration in your home, thank you very much !!
El hidrogel de colores se ve muy lindo, ampliamente recomendado para fiestas, floreros o adorno en tu hogar, muchas gracias!!

Nice doing, you guys.It is a perfect pick for me.

I just got the little items I ordered from you. They are colorful and very useful! I fell in love with them at the first sight! I am so pleased! Thanks for the remarkable product and service!

Hello, the item has arrived at my home. I have shown it to all my friends, and all of them like it. I feel so happy with the purchase. The color is really beautiful. Thank you for your kindly service.

hi, your collection is so amazing! the Crystal Soil is so eye-catching the colours are beautiful and i bought several colours to mix them by myself, i love the effect and i will tell everyone i know to come ! thanks!

It is so interesting. I have never seen crystal soil before. The crystal soil can even be made in different colors! So amazing. What is more, the price is so favorable. I still can not believe it. The soil i have received is perfect. I wish you can add more interesting things in the future. I will buy again.