Fashion サテン サッシュ ととも​​に ビーズ
Fashion サテン サッシュ ととも​​に ビーズ (015033818)

Fashion サテン サッシュ ととも​​に ビーズ #33818

サッシュ & ベルト

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Founded in 2007, JJ's House is the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, fashion dresses and accessories. Customers can browse the vast online selection and choose their favorite dresses with great satisfaction.

製品コード #33818 性別 女性
ファブリック サテン 飾り ビーズ
1.97"(約 5cm) ウエストクロージャー ひもで締める
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  • JPY¥ 3,401
  • JPY¥ 2,267
  • JPY¥ 1,587


5 (based on 7 reviews)

I ordered these to pair with my bridesmaid dresses and it looks great.

I received my sash in no time and it was very beautiful and stunning on my wedding gown! I'm glad again that I trusted jjs house for selecting my dress and accessories :-) I'm truly a happy and satisfied customer! And anyone who is looking to purchase beautiful gowns and accessories for a great steal, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't hesitate to try out JJs House they truly deliver amazing work!

This belt is so pretty and the price was very affordable. JJ's House has very good quality in their products and the customer service is wonderful.

The belt is very nice and gorgeous. I bought it for my little sister and she loved it so much. It matches her dress well and make her look more slim and beautiful.

What a beautiful belt! It is what I have been looking for. Simple in design but very practical since it can match many of my dresses. Very satisfied.

Wow, the beadings on the belt is very nice and the beadings are all made very shiny. When received the item, I am surprised. The belt is much better than I expected for the price paid. Fully satisfied.

I received this sash today and was very pleased with it. it arrived just in a few days and the packaging was great. Thank you very much!!! I am astounded with the quality and it is really remarkable value.would like to recommend!!