• ソリッドカラー オーガンジーリボン

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  • ソリッドカラー オーガンジーリボン

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製品コード #33676 カテゴリー オーガンジーリボン
材料 オーガンザ パターン ソリッドカラー
おおよその幅 4/5"(2cm) 梱包 OPP
使用法 ギフトボックスを飾る, 賛美者を飾る ヒント ロールごとの50ヤード/ 46メートル, ロールのセットで販売

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4.9 (based on 18 reviews)

Super Farbe. Sehr schöne Qualität.

Nice. Good price

schnelle Lieferung - Preisleistung toll

Leuke decoratie

Kann ich gut mit arbeiten- dekorieren.

schöne glänzende Farbe ,gut zum Schleife binden ,schmücken .

I ordered a custom fit dress as mother of the groom. I am a seamstress but decided to have the dress made. I was pleasantly surprised at the great workmanship on the dress. It is amazing and fits like a glove and feels wonderful. You do magnificent work and I would tell anyone to use your site. Keep up the good work.

I have orderdered the ribbons to decorate my wedding next year in autum and today I received them. I choosed super saver shipping because I'm not in a hurry and it took 18 days to Germany. The product is perfect for such a good price! After this "test" I will buy more at JJ's House - maybe even the wedding dress ;o)

Perfect ribbons and the packaging is an unexpected surprise. So pleased with them. Many thanks. I will use them to decorate my wedding.

I ordered these ribbons as decorations for my coming wedding. They arrived in time and were properly packed so that they could not be smudged or come unraveled in transport. They were tightly packed, which did not cause any damage to the bobbins. Happy with this purchase. The colors were nice and exactly as I expected. Looking forward to use them for the wedding. Definitely I would recommend this site to my friends and family members.