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1/3-Inch サテンリボン #32355


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製品コード #32355 カテゴリー サテンリボン
材料 サテン パターン ソリッドカラー
おおよその幅 1/3"(0.8cm) 梱包 OPP
使用法 ギフトボックスを飾る, 賛美者を飾る, ウェディングシーンを飾る ヒント ロールごとの25ヤード/ 23メートル, ロールのセットで販売

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5 (based on 7 reviews)

Très joli ruban en satin. Utile pour fixer mon diadème, et pour la déco mariage

I ordered the satin ribbons to decorate my students' gift boxes. I was extremely pleased with the beautiful ribbons. All my students' gifts are beautiful and I would order more from you.

I really love this satin ribbon so much and you are really a good shopping website. Thank you for your good job! I will recommend my friends to come here and buy some goods from your website.

Super Ware!!!

It's so colorful on my party. I have bought many colors of ribbons from you. and they are all in good quality. I think it's a good choice to use them to decorate my party. Thanks, JJsHouse.

I bought them in varied colors. The shipping time is very short. The ribbons are in good condition when they arrived at my place. Also the price is rather lower than that of local stores. Besides, the color is very fresh.

there are many colors available for this ribbons. it was really hard to choose. i chose ivory, yellow and blue. they are nice. i will buy another 3 colors from your website. satisfied with my order. tks