VIP Membership

US$ 0.01 or 1 order(s)(over US$0.01)
US$ 150 or 3 order(s)(over US$0.01)
US$ 400 or 5 order(s)(over US$0.01)
VIP Privileges
Levels/Privileges Exclusive Bonus Free Shipping Card Exclusive Icon Birthday Gift Level-Up Rewards
V1 10% /
V2 12% /
V3 15%
VIP Privileges Rules
1. Exclusive Bonus
For Member V1, you can get a 10% OFF COUPON monthly.
For Member V2, you can get a 12% OFF COUPON monthly.
For Member V3, you can get a 15% OFF COUPON monthly.
2. Free Shipping Card
For Member V3, you can get 1 Free Shipping Card valid for 30 days monthly.
3. Exclusive Icon
For Member V1-V3, you can get different VIP icons and wallpapers for different levels.
4. Birthday Gift
For Member V1-V3: After filling in your birthday information in “My Profile”, you will get surprise birthday gifts every year in your Birth Months. Besides, you can earn double points for the first order placed in your Birth Months.
Note: The month in which your birthday falls and the month preceding that month are considered Birth Months. For example, if the birthday you have filled in is August 1st, your Birth Months will be July and August.
5. Level-Up Rewards
An exclusive Level-Up Reward will be added to your account within 24 hours after level changes. We will also send the coupon code and detailed usage limit to you through email and app push notifications. The coupon is applicable only to your registered account and is non-transferable. You can check "My Coupons" for more details.