Forme Princesse Longueur ras du sol Robes à Fleurs pour Filles - Satiné Sans manches Col rond avec Ceintures/Brodé/Fleur(s)/Paillettes/Ramassage Jupe #2149

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85.36 €

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my daughter is going to have a birthday party. she want to buy a dress for her birthday. i looked for a dress every day on the Internet, I did not see this website before. but the dress is so beautiful and the flowers on the dress made the dress so wonderful.it arrived in time. and my daughter likes it.

hi just wondering if u have a picture of this dress with hot pink sash and flowers.

Hello i just wanted to say thanks so much for my daughters dress, it is everything i wanted and more,i am so so happy she looks fantastic in it, and along with my wedding dress i ordered from you my wedding is going to be great were all going to look so lovely. Thanks once again for all your help. Lisa in England

hi. could u please send me a picture of this dress with the sash and flowers lilac?

Hi i love this dress would it be possible to see pictures of it with pink sash and pink flowers? Thankyou.

hi i love this dress but is it possible to have the sash and the flower in red. can you also send me some pictures of the dress in white with red sash and red flower.

hi, i really do like the dress and will want to buy it but i can't add the item to cart even after creaing an accout.please let me know why. I have a lot of items to buy from your company for my wedding. Thanks

hi can you email pictures of this dress in white with a hunter green sash and also in white with a pink sash please

I would also like the flowers on it to be in olive green colour.thanks

Hi I have already ordered this dress for my little brides maid. I would like to know if you have olive green colour for the sash.I placed an order for the sash to be green but I would like it to be in Olive green if it is possible. thanks

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