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Simple Satiné Ceintures avec Arc
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Simple Satiné Ceintures avec Arc (015003795)
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Simple Satiné Ceintures avec Arc #3795

Rubans & Ceintures

19.01 38.04 €
Délai de confection: 4-5 jours + Délai de transport: 2-6 jours * Livraison expéditive: 2-6 jours
* Livraison standard: 3-8 jours
* Livraison expéditive: 2-6 jours
* Livraison standard: 3-8 jours
* Livraison économique: 10-30 jours


Fondé en 2007, JJ's House s’impose comme leader mondial de détaillant en ligne. Il offre aux clientes une large gamme de robe de mariée, robe d’évènements spéciaux, robe cocktail et accessoires adaptés à la robe de leur rêve. Nos clientes éprouvent une grande satisfaction à parcourir notre site, trouvant leur bonheur parmi les robes sélectionnées. JJ's House se dote d’un service à la clientèle exceptionnel, offrant des pièces de qualité à des prix abordables.

Code produit #3795 Sexe Femmes
Tissu Satiné Décoration Arc
Largeur 1.97" (Environ.5cm)
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A great bow to accessorize any dress to enhance the beauty of your attire. You may order it in different colors and in different sizes,

I ordered this sash in clover and I was not disappointed. Beautifully made in satin and sits perfectly around my waist. It's a nice addition to my dance wardrobe.....thankyou!

I am very satisfied with the bow I bought. It is simply beautiful. I totally recommend it. I bought the burgundy bow like in the picture, needless to say it was even more beautiful in person. Certain parts in the bow (not visible to the eye) needed a little re-enforcement and/or stitching. Other than that, it was worth it.

I ordered this sash in dark green to add some color to a very simple white dress I purchased for my wedding. I ordered the sash last Friday and received it today. It is PERFECT! It is the perfect color and size and I could not be any happier!

This Sash is a perfect addition to any dress that needs a little extra detail. The fabric is great, and the handicraft is very well made. The belt attaches with 4 hooks behind the sash, so noone can see - it really looks like a natural part of the dress. It looks and feels very luxorious.

I had some trouble with the measurements being inches (I am from Scandinavia), so it is a little big. But I am actually growing quite fond of the loose look, were the sash is falling a little down on my behind, drawing attention to my waste and hips. However, I might add some extra hooks in time. The belt is made double-layer, so it will be easy to apply.

I bought it in pink (kind of baby pink in real life) to go with a shocking pink dress of my own, and my boyfriend thought I looked like Cinderella (in the pink dress that the evil sisters tears apart....). I expect to wear it with many other dresses too.

Just received theses sashes in the mail today and I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. They are even nicer than they look in the picture. Thank you so much JJ's House.