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Silicone Semelles & Shapers/Sans fil/Dos nu Féminine/Danse/Gym Bra #4216


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Fondé en 2007, JJ's House s’impose comme leader mondial de détaillant en ligne. Il offre aux clientes une large gamme de robe de mariée, robe d’évènements spéciaux, robe cocktail et accessoires adaptés à la robe de leur rêve. Nos clientes éprouvent une grande satisfaction à parcourir notre site, trouvant leur bonheur parmi les robes sélectionnées. JJ's House se dote d’un service à la clientèle exceptionnel, offrant des pièces de qualité à des prix abordables.

Code produit #4216 Catégorie Bra
Occasion Mariage, Occasion spéciale Tissu Silicone
Couleur disponible Fleshcolor Coupe du style Coupe Demi
Bretelles Sans bretelle Fermeture Fermeture devant
Acheter par style Semelles & Shapers, Sans fil, Dos nu Meilleures concordance de robes Robes une épaule, Robes encollure chérie, Robes sans bretelle

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4.7 (Basée sur les 117 commentaires)
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Exactly as expected. Quality item.


They worked great


Fits great! Stays up too... So far a great buy! wears the same as the pricey brand I have at home!


It came in timely manner! I am so excited to wear this on my wedding day! Thank you for the awesome customer service and affordable products of good quality!!!


Muy buen producto en excelente estado, muy feliz con mi compra :D


Keeping a couple pairs of these handy in my dresser drawer has come in very useful on a few occasions this past year. They won't work with every garment, but I would certainly recommend having the option handy. I am including a photograph with this review to show a dress that worked really well with this bra.


I received the bra together with my dress and I can say that it was a very good choice for a dress with an already incorporated bra. The silicon bra is sticking very easy and solid on skin and can be re positioned many times. This bra can help you to fill your dress bra very easy and transparent if your breast is not big enough to make a nice cleavage. As well is a very good choice for a transparent dress, because it covers your nipples and it's almost undetectable. However I don't think that as standalone bra (without those additional bra cups incorporated in the dress) will act as good as a normal push up bra, so for this I will deduct a star.


This dress is beautiful !!!


I have a very small breasts and I was worried enough by buying this dress. But with the silicone bra, I feel myself super sexy. It adheres perfectly to my skin and fills the dress. I am totaly satisfied.


Purchased this bra along with a backless dress. First time using a bra like this and was glad to see it came with some tips for correct positioning. Absolutely love it and will certainly feel more confident to buy future backless or even strapless tops/dresses now that I have this excellent bra!


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