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Robe Marquise Hors-la-épaule Traîne cathédrale Tulle Robe de mariée avec Brodé Paillettes
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Couleur: Ivoire
Il s'agit d'une robe sur mesure finie et photographiée par JJsHouse.com. Tous droits réservés. Toute reproduction ou autre forme de reproduction de cette image sont strictement interdites.
  • Robe Marquise Col V Balayage/Pinceau train Satiné Robe de mariée avec Plissé Brodé Paillettes


  • Robe Marquise Hors-la-épaule Traîne moyenne Tulle Dentelle Robe de mariée avec Brodé Paillettes


  • Robe Marquise Col rond Balayage/Pinceau train Organza Tulle Robe de mariée avec Brodé Paillettes


  • Robe Marquise Col V Traîne moyenne Satiné Dentelle Robe de mariée avec Plissé


  • Robe Marquise Col V Traîne moyenne Tulle Robe de mariée avec Brodé Paillettes


  • Robe Marquise Amoureux Traîne mi-longue Tulle Robe de mariée avec Plissé Motifs appliqués Dentelle À ruban(s)


Robe Marquise Hors-la-épaule Traîne cathédrale Tulle Robe de mariée avec Brodé Paillettes #58784

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    À la recherche de la robe idéale? Pour 18.00 € de plus, nos tailleurs utiliseront vos prises de mesures pour vous confectionner une robe sur-mesure.

    Robe Guide des mesures
Fabriqué sur commande
Fabriqué sur commande
Délai de confection: 15-17 jours + Délai de transport: 2-6 jours * Livraison expéditive: 2-6 jours
* Livraison standard: 3-8 jours
* Livraison expéditive: 2-6 jours
* Livraison standard: 3-8 jours
* Livraison économique: 10-30 jours

Cette robe est réalisée sur commande. Que vous choisissiez une taille standard ou des mesures personnalisées, votre robe sera confectionnée dès réception de votre commande par nos couturiers.

Cette robe est réalisée sur commande. Que vous choisissiez une taille standard ou des mesures personnalisées, votre robe sera confectionnée dès réception de votre commande par nos couturiers.


Vous cherchez les mesures parfaites? Comparez vos mensurations avec notre tableau des tailles, et utilisez notre guide de prise de mesures (cf. vidéo ci-dessus) afin que nous puissions réaliser, avec le maximum de précisions, votre robe sur-mesure.

Code produit #58784 Silhouette Robe Marquise
Encolure Hors-la-épaule Longueur Traîne cathédrale
Tissu Tulle, Dentelle Décoration Brodé, Paillettes
Bretelles Bretelles classiques Manche Sans manches
Style du dos Laçage Entièrement doublé Oui
Soutien-gorge intégré Oui Baleines verticales Oui
Couleur Affichée Ivoire Taille Standard, Grande taille
Saison Hiver, Printemps, Été, Automne Lieux de mariage Eglise
Taille de robe du mannequin US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32 Informations du mannequin Hauteur:5.7ft Tour de Poitrine:34in Tour de taille:23in Tour de hanches:35in
La robe n’inclut aucun des accessoires figurant sur la photo, tels que: gants, écharpes, boléros, voile, sacs à mains, etc. Vous pouvez nous contacter pour commander les accessoires séparément.
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Meilleurs articles de vente


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Ok, so I found this exact dress on facebook marketplace and went to try it. I was amazed by the quality the instant I put my hands on it!
Being a bigger girl I often have a hard time finding clothes that fit AND look good but THIS DRESS - it made me feel like a princess! I immediatly knew this would be the dress I got married in! Unfortunately the dress was to big for me so I will have to order a new one, but really thats ok - I have to buy a veil to match this amazing dress anyway :'D <3

Ps. you will need a hooped petticoat so you dont trip and hurt yourself ;) Ds.


Cette robe est absolument magnifique !!! C'est tellement élégante et royale. J'avais un peu peur d'acheter en ligne pour un si grand jour, mais je suis contente d'être allée avec mes tripes. J'ai fait ma robe cliente et ça va comme un rêve !!! L'expédition était rapide aussi, vous ne regretterez pas d'aller chez JJ !!!


Ma robe est apparue exactement comme elle était sur le site. Arrivée juste à temps! C'était si belle!! Les représentants étaient très gentils et patients avec moi car j'avais beaucoup de questions. Va faire du shopping avec eux dans le futur !!


I was in absolute love with this dress. It came at the perfect time and everyone thought I had spent thousands of dollars on it. My favorite part of the dress was the straps to keep the shoulders in place and of course the tulle. The jewels were also very beautiful!! I'll be buying another dress from JJ's house : )


Absolutely amazing. I didn't expected to receive a dress like this for so little money. I was feeling like a princess on my wedding day. Thank you JJsHouse!


After trying a few dresses at the local bridal shop, I fell in love with the ball gown style. The local shops sell this style for 6k with additional tailoring charge of about 1k. After reading some good reviews about this website, I took a risk and ordered my wedding dress online. This dress fits amazingly on me and everything about it is just perfect.
This dress has a core set back lace, make sure your bridesmaids are around to help you tie it up :)


I would like to begin by thanking everyone who left a review before me with photos of their dresses. This was one of the factors that contributed to me taking a chance and buying my wedding dress online. Next I would like to say, I love this dress! It is beautiful and exactly like the photo. The detailing is gorgeous and people could not believe what little I paid for the dress I received. I ordered with my measurements (custom size) and it fits perfectly. I am a shorter girl (5’2”) so I find that regular dress sizes are much too long. I don’t regret the extra $20 spent on custom sizing. I am so very thankful for this dress and JJs House because I feel like a princess and I’m sure I will on my big day. I am including photos of when I tried it on for the first time. It took almost a full month from the time I ordered this dress to the time it arrived (NY state, USA) so be mindful of your timeline before purchasing. It arrived undamaged and well packed in a protective bag and box. The dress itself was inside out inside the bag. Once again, no regrets! Buy with confidence.


Beautiful dress, made with custom size. Fits perfectly! Really worth the money


I just wanted to thank everyone that left reviews and posted pictures. You guys really helped with my selection process. I ordered the dress with my measurements. It is absolutely gorgeous. Looks exactly like the picture, is made of really good solid material. The belt is so pretty and the jewels are very eye catching. The skirt is full and the train is nice and long. I was worried about the off shoulder sleeves slipping off or exposing my chest when I am dancing at my wedding - not a problem. There is an elastic sleeve underneath the decorative sleep that holds it in place, and the bodice is very firm up against the chest, so no gap!

I am so happy with my purchase. I ordered it on 9/5 and it arrived on 9/15. Only ten days! I wasn't expecting it to get here till October!

Excited to wear this dress at my wedding! Thanks JJsHouse.


I absolutley loved this dress you guys. I actually bought this dress just to try the website and see if i could actually get a nicely made but cheap wedding dress. Dont hesitate to buy it. Great quality and had amazing detail!! The only issue was that some of the little gemz fell off. But you cant notice it really. I wore it for the whole day at my wrdding. I recieved so many great compliments and every thought that i had spend about £1000 on it. The postage was very good, it came in about 2 to 2 and half weeks. I cant really remember as I bought this dress about 4 months ago and only had my wedding about 2 weeks ago. Again, its a lovely dress! And you wont even feel really bad if you get it dirty due to the price! My husband spilt all sorts of alcohol on me at the reception by accident haha. I think they would be easy to get out though. Thanks a lot jjs house, your workers really did a great job, my compliments to them!