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Frais de la Taille Sur-Mesure
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Frais de la Taille Sur-Mesure (034004981)
Chargement en cours
  • Service supplémentaire


  • Personnalisation - Bretelles en Spaghetti


  • Personnalisation - Sans Traîne


Frais de la Taille Sur-Mesure #4981

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  • Veuillez acheter à ce service de taille personnalisée, si vous aimeriez que le produit soit fabriqué sur mesure pour vous.
  • Vous pouvez ajouter vos mensurations à la colonne d'instructions spéciales dans la page de paiement, lors de la commande de votre robe.
Retours sans soucis
Les retours sans soucis sont disponibles pour les tailles standards sous sept jours. Les tailles personnalisées sont des ventes finales. Voir les Details
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I was pregnant as I got married and the offer for pregnant brides is quite limited in Germany and the prices are very high. So I ordered by JJ House and was very satisfied. They answered always after 24 Hours (I assume it s the Timezone different by them), but they really took into consideration what I described and asked for (I wanted my dress in the color Elfenbein -dark white? and with my pregnant measurements, but also a bit bigger just in case my belly does grow until the wedding). What I disliked were the sleeves, they were waaay too big, however my tailor fixed all the problems.
I read many negative reviews and I was very worried, because I also knew that the products come from China. Somehow I was lucky and the material was nice, the colour perfect, the time management great! I would definitely recommend this website and I would certainly order again.


Beautiful dress and fits great


I have bought several dresses from them and absolutely love everyone of them! They fit perfect every time. I am tall and they make the adjustments like I need. Their workmanship is exceptional. I go on cruises and order a different one each time. I then hand them down to my twin.


The customized fit was worth the extra money.
JJ’s House were easy to work with.

Schneller Service. Die Massangaben wurden so angefertigt.

Super satisfaite de ma commande tout est de qualité

My dress fitted me well. It was a tad tight across my bust, but was a bonus in the end.

I am thrilled with my dress! The custom size fee was pennies in comparison to the quality of my dress and the fact that it fits LIKE A GLOVE <3 I cannot wait to wear it!

Custom size fits perfectly!! Love the dress!!

Thank You!! The dress fit like a glove.