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Frais de la Taille Sur-Mesure
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Frais de la Taille Sur-Mesure (034004981)
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Frais de la Taille Sur-Mesure #4981

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  • Veuillez acheter à ce service de taille personnalisée, si vous aimeriez que le produit soit fabriqué sur mesure pour vous.
  • Vous pouvez ajouter vos mensurations à la colonne d'instructions spéciales dans la page de paiement, lors de la commande de votre robe.
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I was pregnant as I got married and the offer for pregnant brides is quite limited in Germany and the prices are very high. So I ordered by JJ House and was very satisfied. They answered always after 24 Hours (I assume it s the Timezone different by them), but they really took into consideration what I described and asked for (I wanted my dress in the color Elfenbein -dark white? and with my pregnant measurements, but also a bit bigger just in case my belly does grow until the wedding). What I disliked were the sleeves, they were waaay too big, however my tailor fixed all the problems.
I read many negative reviews and I was very worried, because I also knew that the products come from China. Somehow I was lucky and the material was nice, the colour perfect, the time management great! I would definitely recommend this website and I would certainly order again.


Beautiful dress and fits great


I have bought several dresses from them and absolutely love everyone of them! They fit perfect every time. I am tall and they make the adjustments like I need. Their workmanship is exceptional. I go on cruises and order a different one each time. I then hand them down to my twin.


Super satisfaite de ma commande tout est de qualité

My dress fitted me well. It was a tad tight across my bust, but was a bonus in the end.

I am thrilled with my dress! The custom size fee was pennies in comparison to the quality of my dress and the fact that it fits LIKE A GLOVE <3 I cannot wait to wear it!

Custom size fits perfectly!! Love the dress!!

Thank You!! The dress fit like a glove.

The custom fit for my gown is great and it came very quickly. Very good quality material also . Very happy with the gown. Can not wait to wear it for my daughters wedding in April.

The service was perfect. The dress came the very size I wanted it. Very very satisfied