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Élégante Alliage/Pearl avec Strass Femmes Parures #17858

Mariage & Bijoux de Soirée

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Fondé en 2007, JJ's House s’impose comme leader mondial de détaillant en ligne. Il offre aux clientes une large gamme de robe de mariée, robe d’évènements spéciaux, robe cocktail et accessoires adaptés à la robe de leur rêve. Nos clientes éprouvent une grande satisfaction à parcourir notre site, trouvant leur bonheur parmi les robes sélectionnées. JJ's House se dote d’un service à la clientèle exceptionnel, offrant des pièces de qualité à des prix abordables.

Code produit #17858 Catégorie Parures
Inclure les ensembles Colliers,Boucles d'oreilles Type de matière Alliage, Pearl
Pierres précieuses Strass Longueur des boucles d'oreilles 1.18"(Approximative 3cm)
Type de boucles d'oreilles Clip d'oreille Longueur du collier 15.75"-21.65"(Approximative 40cm-55cm)
Hauteur de Collier Pendentif 1.18"(Approximative 3cm) Type de fermeture collier Mousqueton
Occasion Anniversaire, Fiançaille, Anniversaire, Fête
Astuces L'affichage des couleurs et du style peut varier d'un écran à l'autre. Nous ne sommes pas responsables des erreurs graphiques ou typographiques
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I must say I was a bit hestitant ordering on this site. Never-the-less after speaking to a Representative from this site, Ricardo I decide to take a risk. I placed my order on the 10th August, 2016 and by the 19th all my items were delivered to my shipping address although my dress was custom made. I have not seen the items face to face since it was shipped to a US address and I reside in the Caribbean. However, I received pictures and they look marvellous. The items came well packaged, especially the breakable items. Everything looks exactly as displayed on the site. Thanks to all the friendly staff who assisted at JJ`s will surely recommend your site and shop again.

My item arrived, but disappointed that the ear rings are clip on, I did ask the question to ensure they were suitable for pierced ears, and was told they were. I will keep them, hoping my bridesmaid will still wear them, as they were not expensive, and are reasonably good quality.

This is the only item that I have not been fully happy with so far, so not bad going, I am happy with the website, and have bought many items for my up and coming wedding,

Keep up the good work JJsHouse :) :)

Las perlas don muy bonitas, me parecoo aur el material es muy solodo y duradero, graciss por confeccionarlo

Perfekt til en fin aften..

Great buy

The product matched my wedding dress perfectly. I will also buy my bridesmaid dresses here! You are amazing! I am so pleased!

The quality of the jewellery was amazing! I must had to pay $60 for each set if I purchase them from a local store. They are really worth the money. Thanks so much for the sweet customer service and those wonderful products!

I must say that you truly have done a wonderful job! All the designs that you list on the website are lovely! I love this pearl jewelry set! It is simply but elegant and can match my dress perfectly!

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