Naisten Keinonahasta Kuohuviini glitteri Korot Avokkaat Tanssisali jossa T-Hihna Tanssikengät
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Naisten Keinonahasta Kuohuviini glitteri Korot Avokkaat Tanssisali jossa T-Hihna Tanssikengät #20145


28.43 € 60.33
Käsittelyaika: 8-10 päivää + Kuljetusaika: 2-6 Päivää * Nopeampi kuljetus: 2-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 3-8 Päivää
* Nopeampi kuljetus: 2-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 3-8 Päivää
* Erikoissäästö kuljetus: 10-30 Päivää


Perustettu vuonna 2007, JJ's House onmaailman johtava online-jälleenmyyjä häät kylpytakit, erityinen tapahtuma leningit, häät osapuoli leningit, Muodikkaat mekot ja tarvikkeet. Asiakkaat voivat selatalaajan online- valinta ja valita suosikki leningit tyytyväisenä.

Tuotekoodi #20145 Sukupuoli Naisten
Kategoria Tanssisali Kengät style Korot, Avokkaat
Väri kulta Koko 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43
Todellinen koron korkeus 2.95 inch (7.5cm) Materiaali Keinonahasta, Kuohuviini glitteri
Vuoraus materiaalina Kankaalla Ulkopohja materiaalit Mokkanahka
Kaunistus T-Hihna
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Tuotteen arvostelut

4.8 (perustuu 8 arviota)
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Just received these. Ordered them 19 April and 30 April they were in Oklahoma. Fast! (They also smelled great, brand newly made shoes) They are BEAUTIFUL! More beautiful that you can tell by the photo. The workmanship looks excellent (haven't worn them dancing yet) and they look really elegant on my feet.
However they are a bit too small, though I did the measuring thing and even rounded up my foot length (very little but still). I ended up ordering them in size 39, but it seems I need a 40.
In the stores I usually buy shoes 40 and sometimes 39 according to design.
Also note, especially if you've ordered dance shoes before from Supadance or similar, those companies offer a normal and a wider fit, and comparatively, these shoes would be a normal fit. So for me that I have a little wider foot (where the toes are) they are a bit narrow.
So I only put 4 stars instead of 5 because of the sizing system, it didn't work accurately for me.
All in all, they are very beautiful, well done and at a great price, with quick delivery! Just be sure you're ordering the right size.


trés belle chaussure de danse , je suis trés contente de votre site , chausse super bien a mes pieds , d,ailleurs une amie a commander avec moi ...merci bien reçu votre commande

My shoes arrived today and they are gorgeous as well as being beautifully made and a perfect fit.

This pair of shoes arrived very quick and they look great, I also tried them to dance and they are very comfortable. I ordered them with 7.5cm heels and I think they fit perfect. Measure your size using the size chart, it helps a lot and in the end there are enough holes on the straps.

These shoes are really lovely, fit perfectly size 39. I am going to order some more soon. Thankyou!

nice shoes

My wife is truly delighted with these beautiful dance shoes
they are so comfortable and very much admired at our local dances. thanks for perfect fit and prompt service.I have now ordered a second pair.

These shoes are just exceptional! I have bought one silver pair & now bought a gold pair. They are very comfortable & elegant-looking. I recommend these dancing shoes as the quality & price are unbelievable! Thank you JJS House for your service & good quality items. Will definitely buy more shoes from you.