Naisten Keinonahasta Kuohuviini glitteri Korot Avokkaat Tanssisali jossa T-Hihna Tanssikengät #13261


25.85 € 34.48
70% ALENNUS toimituskuluista
Ylimääräiset 10% alea kaikesta. Koodilla: 5MAY
  • Heel tyyppi
Käsittelyaika: 8-10 päivää + Kuljetusaika: 2-6 Päivää * Nopeampi kuljetus: 2-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 3-8 Päivää
* Nopeampi kuljetus: 2-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 3-8 Päivää
* Erikoissäästö kuljetus: 10-30 Päivää


Perustettu vuonna 2007, JJ's House onmaailman johtava online-jälleenmyyjä häät kylpytakit, erityinen tapahtuma leningit, häät osapuoli leningit, Muodikkaat mekot ja tarvikkeet. Asiakkaat voivat selatalaajan online- valinta ja valita suosikki leningit tyytyväisenä.

Tuotekoodi #13261 Sukupuoli Naisten
Kategoria Tanssisali Kengät style Korot, Avokkaat
Väri Musta, hopea, punainen, vaaleanpunainen, kulta, sininen Koko 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44
Shown Heel Type 1995# (3inch / 7.5cm) Todellinen koron korkeus Mittatilauskorko
Materiaali Keinonahasta, Kuohuviini glitteri Vuoraus materiaalina Keinonahasta
Ulkopohja materiaalit Mokkanahka Kaunistus T-Hihna
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these shoes are great, the colours are stunning i call them my Technicolor shoes. they are very comfortable and well made. they are not just great for dancing but special occasions as well. truly recommend.

Very happy with the shoes, unfortunately is again too big so need to order another pair in size 33 this time. Hope you can give me a coupon of US $10 for this.

Wow these are classy shoes really look amazing many thanks:) Will definitely deal again:) I have really been impressed with jj's house can't fault them in any way 5 Stars for sure:)

What an awesome pair of shoes and so comfortable.Personally made the heel height as I wanted and the shoes are just gorgeous:) Looking forward to wearing them out:)

They look perfect and feel great. I am so happy with them. The size is right to me. It looks like pictured.

They look perfect and feel great. I am so happy with them. The size is right to me. It looks like pictured.

They look perfect and feel great. I am so happy with them. The size is right to me. It looks like pictured.

I ordered these shoes in pink. Originally ordered a smaller size but panicked that they would be small. I messaged customer service, they replied very quickly and I was able to change my order to 1 size bigger for a small and reasonable fee considering new shoes needed to be made. Order arrived very quickly and in great condition. It turned out that they are a size too big but that was my fault. I can still dance in them no problem and I am getting lots of compliments from people on how amazing they look. I feel like a princess in these shoes. Can't wait to buy more of their shoes, I have a long list of my favourites! Love the price as I would have to pay 3 times more if I was to buy them here in Australia. Very happy customer, hope my future shopping experiences on this site are equally positive :-) .

J'adore mes soulier, confortable et meme tres jolie dans un pied.

Omg I love these,can't wait till my dancing day now to wear them.gonna make my day special