Naiset Verkot/Tafti Lattiaa hipova pituus 3 Tasojen Alushameet
Väri: Valkoinen
Naiset Verkot/Tafti Lattiaa hipova pituus 3 Tasojen Alushameet (037031009)
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Naiset Verkot/Tafti Lattiaa hipova pituus 3 Tasojen Alushameet #31009


19.00 € 39.00
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Tuotekoodi #31009 Kategoria Alushameet
Sukupuoli Naiset Tilaisuus Erikoismustesuihkupaperi
Kangas Verkot, Tafti Osta Tyylikkäästi Pallo puku Alushame
tiers 3 Tasojen Vyötärö Päättäminen Koukku & silmän vyötärö
Vyötärö 27.56"-39.37"(Noin 70~100cm) Pituus 40tuuma(Likimääräinen 101.6cm)
Helman Ympärysmitta 125.98tuuma(Likimääräinen 320cm) Väri Valikoima Valkoinen
Vinkkejä Käsinpesu, Kasta Kemiallinen
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Tuotteen arvostelut

4.8 (perustuu 63 arviota)
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Past perfect onder m'n jurk, ben er heel blij mee!!!


I bought my dress at David's Bridal and told that I needed to get a petticoat because the dress was too long and need to trim the bottom otherwise. But theirs was $80. Didn't want to spend that much money for something you can't even see. I'm wearing this under the dress and works/looks/feels just fine! So happy with the purchase.


Great product for half the price of the bridal store! The shipping was quick as well. I was nervous to order online, but this was a great choice!


An excellent quality fabric. This petticoat works well for Ball gowns and A line dresses. Very Happy with the product.


This petticoat was suggested me by jjs house tailors and customer service.. Absolutely necessary to have the volume effect and to help sustain the dress. Excellent. Need to be ironed and I did with patience by myself!


Absolutely perfect for under my dress!


Very pretty and extremely comfortable tulle to wear under the wedding dress.
It was so comfortable that it made me to twirl for a while when I first tried it on 
Very nice piece and very special item (before buying it I didn’t even know that there are such cool tulles with many tiers).
Anyone who considers having a tulle under a dress should try and see – they are in JJsHouse with such a reasonable price!


Beautiful slip and will work perfectly under my daughter's wedding dress. Quality is very good and the slip is quite full. The price is 1/3 of the cost at our local wedding store and the quality is better! Shipping was quick. Will definitely order from JJ's House again.


Arrived quickly. fit nicely and a good quality product. waist band is adjustable. Came in a small box, but the petticoat expands to a full 3 tiers. Perfect for ball gowns.


I was worried about finding a petticoat that was my size, easy to use, and the right amount of 'puffiness' for my dress. My dress has beading in the pleats, which I don't think is shown in the picture, but I am glad that their was no problem with the petticoat and how closely tailored the bodice was. The clasp was really easy, so I had no problem getting it on or off other than having to step over the sheer amount of tulle. As a person at 5'3" with a floor length dress (the heels made it look ankle length, thus giving me no problem walking, and a good six inches closer to my date's height) I'm glad that the petticoat was the perfect length so that it still puffed out the ends of my dress, but didn't show or touch the ground. I'm going to look for excuses to wear it again!