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Online help -

My Orders - +

1. How do I place an order?

To place your order:
1.Add the desired item and quantity to your cart
2.Click the shopping cart icon.
3.Review your order and click Continue Checkout.
4.Sign in or Register.
5. Confirm your shipping details and payment method, click Continue Checkout.

2. I ordered a standard-size dress, not a custom-made one. Why is it taking so long?

All of our dresses are made from scratch, whether you ordered a standard or custom size, both require tailoring time. Please check the tailoring time on the product page.

3. How can I track my order status?

1. You can log in our website with your email and track your order status in "My orders" if you placed the order under your resigerred acount.
2. If the order was placed without signing in, you could just use "look up a single order" function to track your order. Please refer to the following steps:
1). Go to Sign In My Account at the right top of our website.
2). Click "order status"
3). Enter your Order Number and Email Address to see your order details.

4. When will I receive my order?

Currently, you can receive an order within 2-3 weeks. Normally it takes 9-12 days for tailoring and 2-4 days for expedited shipping.

Product - +

1. What is the best way to choose my size?

Please kindly refer to our Size Chart to choose the correct size.
If your measurements align with our size chart, I suggest you choose standard size.
If your measurements cannot be found in the size chart, I recommend you choose custom size to ensure the dress fits you.

2. Will my item be exactly the same color as what is shown on your website?

Our color charts online have been adjusted to display color as close as possible to the color of the actual fabrics. However, camera resolution and computer monitors can mean the color may vary slightly between the photos and the actual fabric. Colors are subject to the actual dresses you get. We suggest you order a fabric swatch to view colors in person.

3. Could we get color swatches to see what the colors look like in reality?

Yes, color swatches are just $2 each. They take anywhere from 2-10 business days to arrive. Order swatches.

4. How can I make sure all of my dresses are the same color?

To ensure that your dresses will be made from the same roll of fabric, please inform us of your requirement about color via email or leave us a message in the Special Instructions column at the bottom of the check-out page when placing the order.

5. Can I change the design of a dress?

Currently we can only add spaghetti straps and remove trains for some of our dresses. For other changes, you can Contact US for more information.

Payment - +

1. What methods of payment do you accept?

Please click this link.

2. How can I pay with Wire Transfer?

To send a wire transfer, just submit instructions to your bank, and provide the information about our account (you can find this on the order details page).
After you transfer your money, please inform us of which method you use, sender name, transaction ID and the transaction amount as well as the country you transfer the money from. You can also choose to chat now or email us.

3. How can I change payment methods?

If you have an unpaid order and want to use a different payment method, it's easy:
1. Sign into ‘My Account’ and click ‘My Orders’ in the upper right corner.
2. Click on the unpaid order you want to complete payment on.
3. Click ‘Edit Order’ and select your desired payment method, and then proceed to pay.

Delivery - +

1. Where do you ship to?

We can ship worldwide. Please be assured that your address can be chosen from our shipping countries drop-down list when you fill in the shipping address.

2. What shipping methods do you offer?

We have three shipping methods including expedited shipping, standard shipping and super saver shipping.
Super saver shipping is only for accessories priced less than US$50.

3. Can I change my shipping address?

You can only change the shipping address while your order is still in production. You can Contact US to send the correct shipping address. Our representatives will help you with that.
Once your order has been shipped, we cannot change the delivery address nor delivery options.

4. How much does shipping cost?

The shipping fee will depend on the weight of the order. It is possible to check the estimated shipping cost at the Checkout page.

Returns - +

1. What is your return policy?

To return items, first customers need to contact us within 14 days upon receiving their items.
For all Standard Size dresses / shoes / accessories: you can return it once you are not happy with it, and if it is correctly made, the return postage shall be paid by buyers.
However, JJ's House will issue a full refund including shipping for any damaged, defective, or mis-shipped items. Please contact our Customer Service to initiate the return process within 14 days upon receiving your item(s).
The item must be returned in its original condition. The item must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, and with the original tags attached. We cannot process the return of any faulty item.

2.What is your return/exchange process?

You may need to Contact US to initiate the return process within 14 days upon receiving your items. Our after-sales department will handle the issue thereafter.

3. Can I return a standard-size dress?

Yes, you can return any standard size item within 14 days of receipt of your item for a full refund (excluding shipping fee, as long as it is unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, original tags attached).

My Account - +

1. How I can change my email address?

Please send your request and correct email address to, or you can choose to chat now or email us. Our representatives will reply within 24 hours.

2. What should I do if I forget my password?

1.Forget password Please click this link to reset your password. If it doesn't work, please Contact Us, with your permission, we will help reset the password for you.
2.Change password If you would like to change your password, please refer to the below steps:
1)Simply click ‘Sign in’ on our website and then click ‘My Account’ at the top of the website.
2)Click "Account Settings" on the left column and then you can change the password and save the new one.

About JJsHouse - +

1. Do you have a store?

Currently we operate as a solely online business, which allows us to tailor to order, and to offer you a very wide range of garments at our lowest prices.

2. Why choose JJsHouse?

JJ’s House is a global online retailer. Our innovative approach brings you the best in formal wear at affordable prices – and our in-house designers have created a wide range of looks to have you dressed to impress anywhere, anytime. All our dresses are made-to-measure by our expert tailors to ensure the perfect fit, just for you. We pride ourselves on being socially and environmentally conscious - our made-to-order model means the fabric and other materials used don’t go to waste. We work in close, fair partnership with our tailors.

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Henkilökohtaista Kukka suunnittelu kova kortti paperi Tunnisteet (Sarja 30)
Väri: Musta
Henkilökohtaista Kukka suunnittelu kova kortti paperi Tunnisteet (Sarja 30) (118029729)
  • Henkilökohtaista Pyöreä Puinen Tallenna-tasalla Magneetit (Sarja 10)


  • Henkilökohtaista Feather Puinen Tallenna-tasalla Magneetit (Sarja 10)


  • Henkilökohtaista "Kiitos" Puinen Tunnisteet (Sarja 10)


  • Henkilökohtaista Pyöreä Puinen Tallenna-tasalla Magneetit (Sarja 10)


  • Henkilökohtaista Sydämen Muotoinen Puinen Tallenna-tasalla Magneetit (Sarja 10)


  • Henkilökohtaista "Juuri Naimisiin" Paina Board Rekisterikilpi


Henkilökohtaista Kukka suunnittelu kova kortti paperi Tunnisteet (Sarja 30) #29729

Personalisoidut pikkulahjat

7,00 ( 0,24 € / kappale )
  • Valitse Muotoilu
Tämä tuote voidaan personalisoida makujenne mukaan, tee suuresta päivästäsi ainutlaatuinen ja unohtumaton.
Käsittelyaika: 33-35 päivää + toimitusaika: 2-6 Päivää * Nopeampi kuljetus: 2-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 3-8 Päivää
* Nopeampi kuljetus: 2-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 3-8 Päivää
* Erikoissäästö kuljetus: 10-30 Päivää
Tämä tuote voidaan personalisoida makujenne mukaan, tee suuresta päivästäsi ainutlaatuinen ja unohtumaton.
Palautukset Huolettomasti
Vaihto- ja palautusoikeutta ei hygieniasyistä tarjota mukautettuihin tuotteisiin eikä hygieniatuotteisiin. Näe yksityiskohdat


Perustettu vuonna 2007, JJ's House onmaailman johtava online-jälleenmyyjä häät kylpytakit, erityinen tapahtuma leningit, häät osapuoli leningit, Muodikkaat mekot ja tarvikkeet. Asiakkaat voivat selatalaajan online- valinta ja valita suosikki leningit tyytyväisenä.

Tuotekoodi #29729 Tilaisuus Häät, Morsiusjuhla
Teemat Klassinen teema Kategoria Suosikit ja tarrat
Tyyli Luova Materiaali kova kortti paperi
Personointi Henkilökohtaista Mukautetun Käsityötaitoa Korkean lämpötilan siirto
Noin. Pituus 2 2/5" (6 cm) Noin. Leveys 2 2/5" (6 cm)
Määrä (Sarja 30)
Vinkkejä Tie tunnisteet häät suosii tai loma lahjoja täydellisen loppusilauksen. Maksimaalinen räätälöidyt kirjeet: 20 ensilinjan hoitona, 12 toiseen (tilaa mukana).

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Excellent quality of printing and no errors just a tad pricey against value for money

Super y todo perfecto....

these little tags were cute and perfect for my occasion


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