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Caja de Música con Osito de peluche/Pluma blanca #103018237

Precio: 19.97

Precio regular: € 39.94  Ahorro  € 19.97

€ 19.97
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de Loraine Boyle 2014-12-29 13:03:52

This ring box is absolutely beautiful. The details are exquisite. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and could not resist purchasing. I am so glad I got it here in JJ's House at such an affordable price. The service and shipping were excellent! Thank you so much~

Respuesta de JJsHouse 2014-12-29 23:51:27

Hey there, we appreciate you take the time to review the box. We enjoy reading reviews on shopping experiences with JJ’s House, especially when they are as positive as yours. We take these very seriously.

de tyradaniels34 2014-08-01 06:29:12

I received this beautiful perfect size ring box that turns, play music, and have the cuties little bears on the top. I could not wait to show it off to some of my co-workers at work. My son is going to love this ring box while walking down the aisle. Your web site is the best. I pretty much have gotten everything I needed for my big day that is 15 days away from today. With your help and dedication I would recommend this web site to any and everyone I no. Thank you, you have did it again. I am completely satisfied with your work.

Respuesta de JJsHouse 2014-08-01 23:31:02

Dear tyradaniels34, it is so nice to learn that you had such a successful purchase with us, especially that you are satisfied with quality of the item. JJ's House prides itself on exceptional customer service, high quality and affordable prices.

de fabi_sarracini 2014-02-27 14:33:42 Reseña destacada

Excelente! I loved.....

de Chloe 2013-11-17 23:13:16 Reseña destacada

How lovely it is! I fell in love with this ring pillow at the first sight. It is a right choice to buy it here! I saw similar items in our local bridal shops. They are way too expensive. I am so glad to get it here in JJ's House with such an affordable price. Thank you so much~

de Kimberly 2013-08-05 00:13:33 Reseña destacada

I bought this little pillow for my wedding and it has just arrived IN TIME. iT IS IN GOOD CONDITION when I open the box, very nice.Thank you!!

de Hannah 2013-07-29 23:13:36 Reseña destacada

Excellent! The ring pillow is so beautiful, it is suitable for my wedding. I like it, especially the two lovely bears on it. I cannot wait for my big day now. Thank you

de Beulah George 2013-07-28 23:05:45 Reseña destacada

hi, i am Beulah George and i just want to inform you that i just got this little thing, and i am TRULY PLEASED!! the feather work on the pillow make it stand out and cuter!! Love it!

de Hebe 2013-07-27 23:50:23 Reseña destacada

gorgeous little pillow! Absolutely love it and cant wait !!!

de shelley 2013-07-27 00:49:59 Reseña destacada

hi, the design is rather cute and your makers must have donw much work to add so many decorations, such a pearl and feather,.. giving out a more romantic sense!! turly love it!! JJsHouse, i will highly recommend!

de Maureen 2013-07-23 23:58:15 Reseña destacada

We never thought that at such a price we can get wonderful pillow rings. As you know they are very important for the wedding. At first I really hesitate, weather we can trust you or not. At last I made the decision and bought them. We are so satisfied with your products and service. GOOD JOB!

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