Simple Satén Fajas con Arco
Color: Borgoña
Simple Satén Fajas con Arco (015003795)
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Simple Satén Fajas con Arco #3795

Fajas & Cinturones

Plazo de Confección: 4-5 días + Plazo de Envío: 2-6 días * Envíos expeditos: 2-6 días
* Envíos estándar: 3-8 días
* Envíos expeditos: 2-6 días
* Envíos estándar: 3-8 días
* Envíos súper ahorro: 10-30 días


Fundada en 2007, JJ's House es el minorista líder mundial en línea de vestidos de boda, vestidos de eventos especiales, Vestidos de moda, vestidos de fiesta de la boda y accesorios. Los clientes pueden navegar por la amplia selección en línea y elegir sus vestidos favoritos con gran satisfacción.

Código del producto #3795 Género Mujeres
Tejido Satén Embellecimiento Arco
Anchura 1.97"(Aprox.5cm)
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Comentarios de clientes

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A great bow to accessorize any dress to enhance the beauty of your attire. You may order it in different colors and in different sizes,

I ordered this sash in clover and I was not disappointed. Beautifully made in satin and sits perfectly around my waist. It's a nice addition to my dance wardrobe.....thankyou!

I am very satisfied with the bow I bought. It is simply beautiful. I totally recommend it. I bought the burgundy bow like in the picture, needless to say it was even more beautiful in person. Certain parts in the bow (not visible to the eye) needed a little re-enforcement and/or stitching. Other than that, it was worth it.

I ordered this sash in dark green to add some color to a very simple white dress I purchased for my wedding. I ordered the sash last Friday and received it today. It is PERFECT! It is the perfect color and size and I could not be any happier!

This Sash is a perfect addition to any dress that needs a little extra detail. The fabric is great, and the handicraft is very well made. The belt attaches with 4 hooks behind the sash, so noone can see - it really looks like a natural part of the dress. It looks and feels very luxorious.

I had some trouble with the measurements being inches (I am from Scandinavia), so it is a little big. But I am actually growing quite fond of the loose look, were the sash is falling a little down on my behind, drawing attention to my waste and hips. However, I might add some extra hooks in time. The belt is made double-layer, so it will be easy to apply.

I bought it in pink (kind of baby pink in real life) to go with a shocking pink dress of my own, and my boyfriend thought I looked like Cinderella (in the pink dress that the evil sisters tears apart....). I expect to wear it with many other dresses too.

Just received theses sashes in the mail today and I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. They are even nicer than they look in the picture. Thank you so much JJ's House.