Color: Blanco

Mujeres Nylón/Tul Palabra de longitud 1 Niveles Enaguas #4105


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Fundada en 2007, JJ's House es el minorista líder mundial en línea de vestidos de boda, vestidos de eventos especiales, Vestidos de moda, vestidos de fiesta de la boda y accesorios. Los clientes pueden navegar por la amplia selección en línea y elegir sus vestidos favoritos con gran satisfacción.

Código del producto #4105 Categoría Enaguas
Género Mujeres Ocasión Boda, Ocasiones especiales
Tejido Nylón, Tul Material de aro de dobladillo Acero
Comprar por estilo Bata de pelota deslizarse, Completo vestido deslizarse Tiers 1 Niveles
capa Anillo 6 Cierre de la cintura Cintura con cordón
Cintura 27.56"-39.37"(Aproximado 70~100cm) Longitud 40pulgada(Aproximado 101.6cm)
Circunferencia de Dobladillo 153.54pulgada(Aproximado 390cm) Color Disponible Blanco
Consejos Lavado a mano, Baño seco, Un cordón de la cintura cabe todo el tamaño
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Comentarios de clientes

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This is exactly what I was looking for and expected. It is strong enough to hold up the heavy material of my skirt. The hoop sizes are adjustable, which was Great. I played around with the sizes to get the effect I wanted. I would say this is almost half the size it could be - it can make a skirt really full!


This is perfect for my costume! I am in an opera and needed a hoop that is strong enough to hold up several skirts while being cut open in the front. It's such a great find! Thank you JJ's house!


I ordered this to go under my daughters wedding dress, and it was the perfect petticoat!

thanks for having what I was looking for.

Although I didn't need this for my dress it is amazing, very easy to change the size, and quite comfortable.

I bought this petticoat from another website (just because I would pay customs clearance buying it together with wedding dress), however I want to leave a feedback for others to be aware too.

This petticoat is PERFECT. Not only is it high quality, very flexible and comfortable to move with, but also very very importantly it is RESIZEABLE. Meaning, you can shrink the wires and control any way you want all of the 6 wires to your taste of plumpness. It can be A style, it can be O style... etc.

For my case this was crucial, because the petticoat arrives in its maximum diameter opened, and if the dress is on its own quite puffy then the petticoat should be not too puffy too. I didn't know the petticoat has that option and was extremely happy to find out it can be narrowed. Now my dress looks exactly as I had dreamed about!

The petticoat was wonderful. It made my dress look puffy! I liked that so much! My waist measurement was a little smaller, but I found a pin and problem was resolved. Perfect!

llego todo en perfectas condiciones,lo unico que al finalizar las ventas me hicieron ustedes un recargo de Us 112,99 sin permitir elegir el correo mas economico salvo eso todo bien

hi there, I have got my petticoat. The rings are not twisted(if they are, I really do not want them any more.) I have tried it on and my dress stood fully as in the picture. You are correct. they matches well. The waist of this waist fit me too...I am very happy with them.

Thank you very much,the wedding Dress realy perfect, and thanks alot for your services, and cooperation with me,of course i will tell all my friends about your website my friends,and i will buy more and more from you guys.
Again and again thanks alot .