Color: Plata

la mariposa y del corazón Acero inoxidable Marcadores con Borla #13606

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1.29 € 2.58
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Peso: 20g


Fundada en 2007, JJ's House es el minorista líder mundial en línea de vestidos de boda, vestidos de eventos especiales, Vestidos de moda, vestidos de fiesta de la boda y accesorios. Los clientes pueden navegar por la amplia selección en línea y elegir sus vestidos favoritos con gran satisfacción.

Código del producto #13606 Ocasión Boda, Aniversario, Despedida de Soltera
temas Tema Mariposa Temporada Primavera, Otoño, Verano, Invierno
Categoría Marcadores Forma la mariposa y del corazón
Materiales Acero inoxidable Embellecimiento Borla
Color Mostrado de plata Approx. Longitud 2" (5 cm)
Approx. Ancho 1 1/5" (3 cm) Embalaje Caja de Regalo
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I just received my beautiful, boxed bookmarks from JJS House. I was so pleased with them. I bought 20 of these for a book signing as I am an author and thought these would be a lovely addition to my luxury gift bags, which I give out free with every book purchase at my book signings. I have also purchased the personalized heart tins too. I cannot wait for them to arrive! The quality is amazing for the price and I have added this site to my favourites list. As a UK customer I was not sure if they would get damaged in transit from the USA, however, I need not have worried. They arrived perfectly. I love JJS House, I cannot praise them enough. Thank you, from a very happy customer.

I am writting this review to tell you that I love the Butterfly & Heart design so much! They look so beautiful. And the quality is good as well. I love your website.

It is really a beautiful gift for our guest. I have never been disappointed with your website. I will recommend your site to all my classmates again. Thank you!

As pictured. High quality. Love the design. I am satisfied with this item. I will buy more from you. I love some of your headpieces and can not decide which one I will buy. They are so lovely.

I bought a evening dress from your site, and together with this small item. When i received this, I like it so much, very useful. Though it is very cheap, but the workmanship is very good, and your hard work is highly appreciated.

I have just received these bookmarks and they are exactly the same as seen in picture. I thought they would be smaller than they are. The stainless steel is also with high quality. I think I really got perfect favors for my wedding.

in my spare time, i enjoy reading, it made me more quiet and knowledgeable. thanks for giving me the beautiful bookmark, like it a lot

Absolutely Stoked! I bought these for my wedding party as a little souvenir. It is quiet economic to get such a good bookmark for all my guests as favors. I bought 100 sets only with a little more than 100 dollars!

This is perfect as a small gift. The bookmarks and packaging are gorgeous and the size is perfect! Will recommend your website to my dear friends. They love the items, too!

We will have a wedding soon. Husband and I talked a lot and at last we chose this one. You packaged the parcel very well as all my orders are in good condition. Only about 2 weeks after placing the order we got the parcel. To be honest at first I am a little worried about it. But now only want to say thank you for all your good service.! We will recommend you to all my friends. GOOD SERVICE AND GREAT PRODUCT!