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Trompete/Meerjungfrau-Linie V-Ausschnitt Kathedrale Schleppe Tüll Brautkleid mit Spitze #264

212.15 € 377.77
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€ 212.15

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I bought this dress in a size 2. It fits perfectly. The only thing I need to do it take up the straps a little, but that is ok. The detail is just beautiful. I promise, if you buy this dress, it will not disappoint.

Hi, could you please send me close up pictures of the front and back in white? I would like to see the detail a little better. This is such a beautiful dress, and I think this may be the one!



I really love this dress.

I am really concerned about buying it off internet as i am 5ft 9 and i want it to long enough. the measurement guide provided was confusing me as it states from the neck bone to the floor and this has straps. Do you cater for taller Ladies?

Also if you have any close pictures please could you let me have a look at these?



this is the dress I really love.

Are you able to email closer photos of the front and back in white -
photos of details - eg lace
Can you also make the dress in a plainer lace without the beadwork?

Look forward to hearing from you.
Amanda Knox

hello. pls can i see some photo of this dress? thank you

Hola queria saber si la cola del vestido es desmontable?

i was hoping i could get you to send me a close ups of the detailing front and back of this dress in white if possible? i've narrowed my choices down to 3 wedding dresses and on to making my final decision so here it goes! i love this dress btw!


Hello, This is a beautiful dress! Can you send me some more pictures of it that show close ups of the details? Pictures in ivory would be preferred. Thank you.

este vestido me encanta pero tengo algunas dudas:
- el Adorno: De encaje, Bordado .¿ es del mismo color que el vestido?
- ¿si se puede hacer la cola de mas pequeña, del tamaño del forro?
- ¿hacen envios a Canarias - españa?
espero tener repuesta.saludos

Hola mi consulta es sobre la forma de pago, en el caso en que encargue este vestido, tambien quisiera saber si hacen envios a la Argentina y cuanto es el valor del envio.
Espero su respuesta, porque realmente me encanta

Muchas gracias

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