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Von Evangeline1 2014-04-30 00:22:50

OMG! Got my order. I could not be happier when I opened my order. Soo pretty and elegant! Highly recommend! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

Von Ivy6677 2014-04-21 03:24:18

The bookmark is very beautiful and the packaging is also great. It was a worthwhile purchase! Really thanks a lot!

Von Yvonne45 2014-04-19 02:27:37

The bookmarks are perfect. They are the same as what i expected. The material is of high quality. Your shipping is also prompt. It is really a happy purchase. Thank you.

Von Donna 2013-11-15 00:15:45 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

i received my order this morning. i love this bookmarks best. it is cheap buy in high quality. and the delivery is very fast. i can not believe you sent me the order from another country. thanks so much

Von Madge Jones 2013-08-05 01:12:45 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Excellent item, looks very expensive, good quality

Von Moira 2013-08-04 23:31:05 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I received my order just yesterday! after opening the package I was so surprised at the things before me. All of them are really good hand making. Not only this one ,but also the ring pillow I chose. Thank you for your patient as I asked many questions. You gave me good replies and great suggestion! Thank you~~~

Von Odelette 2013-07-26 03:18:57 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

i asked one customer service staff about the size of this bookmark and she replied to me so soon and its size fit my bible perfectly, i can't love them more

Von Hulda 2013-07-23 01:06:51 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Hello! I received my order just 2 days ago. Sorry that I am so busy preparing my wedding, so I don’t come to tell you on time. The wedding bookmark favors are really good. The color matches the wedding so much. And it is not only nice, but also useful. I think all my guests will remember my wedding. Thank you so much!

Von Qitarah 2013-07-22 01:54:30 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Reading make me more quiet in my heart, and this sliver cross bookmark attracted me when I saw it, it was light and very convenient to use in the book.

Von Irene 2013-04-23 00:47:12

My parcel arrived on the estimated time.
Boxes are in a very good situation and I am very pleased with the quality of the boxes and of the bookmarks as well.

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