Imperium Stropløs Gulvlængde Chiffon Brudepigekjole med Flæsekanter Perlebroderi #1753

DKK 794
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DKK 794

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i loved this dress!!


Was a bit shocked when I saw how small the box was. But when I opened it I was surprised how well it was packed, the dress is beautiful well made and the measurement I sent were correct. the tracking was brill from start to delivery. The time it taken to make it was correct and on time the only downfall was the extra tax bill on delivery

Very speedy international delivery.
Great quality dress.
Awesome price.

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Can you please send me pictures of this dress made in different colours - Amazing Empire Strapless (007001753). Thanks


I bought this dress for Christmas and it is gorgeous! It is great quality and came very quickly. I cannot fault this dress in any way and everyone commented on how lovely it was and asked where I had got it. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering my dress however i needn't have been it is just perfect. I am getting married next year and without a doubt I will get my bridesmaid dresses from JJsHouseHouse.

Could you send me a picture of this dress in white? Also, can you send a picture that I can see the beadwork better? Thanks!

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