A-linje Firkantet Halsudskæring Kapel tog Lace Brudekjole med Bælterem Krystal Broche Sløjfer #125

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DKK 1.531

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This dress is just beautiful with a dark red band.

I only made some minor adjustments:
-removing the laces on the sleeves and at the neck.
-sewed the lace on the satin down on the bottom of the dress 6 places to prevent me from stepping on it
-replacing the lace over the breast-area with a clean white fabric
-tightening the sash in each side
-adding 1 extra button on the back of the bow and moving the one in the other side just a bit up to keep the bow nice and upright.

Those small changes made the dress much more 'clean' and it looked like it had cost 5 times more.

This dress was taken right out of my dreams - both with the look and the price. Of cause I expected some adjustments had to be done to the dress due the price, but that only made it My dress.

Thank you JJsHouse! I've recommended you to my friends and family!


Where to begin??
I delayed getting my dress because I have to try everything on... I'm busty and have very little torso.
I read a lot of reviews... On every dress I looked at. I've lost count on how many actual reviews I read and so many talked about the quality of the dress and how happy they were they ordered online.
My sister actually ordered her own wedding dress from jjs and she didn't have any issues.
So, that's what I did.
I had to go with a custom fit.
It came in a little early... Which was good.
It was shipped in a ball.
There wasn't another full size gown bag included.

I can say it was a good thing I did the custom measuring and got a dress with a lace up back.
Otherwise this could have truly been disastrous.

H lady I have that's doing my alterations even commented when she saw the tag was the best that was going to happen is it will fit.

Needless to say I was quite emotionally upset.

to start, we temoved the plastic thing that was supposed to be a brooch off the front. It wasn't sewn on, but secured with a straight pin. I wish I took a picture!
The netting came off the dress.. It was attached in bunches on either side instead of gathered.
All the lace came off, sleeves too! The sash as well.

The material on the sleeves was placed up behind the lace on the bodice to fill it in.
The lace fabric was going to be reattached as the sleeve and edged with lace I purchased to replace this plastic stuff in all the edges... It's actually some plastic stuff. Ric rac would have been better. I'll include pics later.

The sash and bow are having to be redone. I won't even get started on the adventure I had attempting to get a good color match for the sash.

It is looking better. I'll include pics of the finished product.

I prob would not recommend buying from here.
I would however say, shop early and take trusted friends with you and don't be afraid to drop a grand to know you have something that does t look like a cheap version of what you're looking for

From the moment I saw this dress I was in love with it. But I was terrified to buy any dress untried online, I am 5ft 4inchs and very curvy, so I knew if I did buy this dress it would have to be custom made. So I took the Dive and told myself, if it doesn't work I'll just have to chalk it up to a learning experience.

I ordered it this month and it came this month, which surprised me greatly. It was shipped in a box, and never having tried on a wedding dress in my life, I was surprised by how thick and heavy the dress was when I took it out of it's package. I tried it on immediately and realized I couldn't get it on myself due to the tie up back, so I called my sister and she helped me into it.

It fit like a glove, just right in all the right places, my sister almost started crying when she saw me in it. I am so happy with it. Not only did it fit but it flattered me, my sister was more giddy than I was just looking at me. The lace, the stitching, the train, all of it wonderful. Thank you so much. My wedding's not until June but I will put pictures up once it happens. Thank you for helping me to make my day happen on a budget.

I absolutely love it thank you very much it fits perfect

Ich war sehr buff als das Kleid so bald schon hier ankam. Das ging alles in allem sehr schnell :)
Der Service hier war freundlich und gut. Auch nachträglich wurden Wünsche berücksichtigt.

Schade finde ich, dass die Schleife hinten genäht ist und sie nicht selbst zu binden ist und leider keine hilfreiche Bindeanleitung beiligt
Es riecht sehr unangenehm, wobei ich glaube, dass es bis zur Hochzeit in einigen Wochen noch auslüftet.

Ansonsten finde ich es sehr gelungen! :)

The dress is everything we had hoped for. Perfect in fit, and we didn't have it customized. We also were happy with the quick delivery of the dress. Ordered on May 6th delivered May 19th, however I was not aware of the extra international shipping fee. When I paid for the dress online I thought it was in full. Luckily my husband was home at the time of delivery to pay for the extra postage. So that the dress could be delivered. All of the bridal shops told us to buy off the rack or it would take 6-8 weeks to place an order.

Hi, JJs! I found the dress is so great that I can't express how excited I am!!! I'm so lucky to find your online shop! Will come back and order more dresses from you later.

When my dress arrived I was excited, when I opened the box my dress and shoes where nicely packed.When I tried on the dress it felt like a glove . My dress and shoes look and feel fantastic . So ladies i do recommend this site and also this dress.Hope you all have a wonderful wedding. :)

Ich bin total enttäuscht von dieser ganzen Aktion. Das Kleid kam viel zu spät hier an, am 15.3. sollte die Hochzeit sein und am 13.3. ist das Kleid erst da, ist ja wohl klar, dass ich mir was anderes kaufen musste als Ersatz...das war auch gut so, denn das Kleid ist nur schlecht gearbeitet, am Ausschnitt ist die ganze Spitze ausgefranst, gerade wo jeder hinschaut und außerdem stinkt das Kleid wie die Pest!
Am liebsten würde ich es ihnen zurückschicken und mein Geld wiederverlangen, wie gesagt, ich hab es nicht tragen können und bin furchtbar enttäuscht!

Do you have anymore photos of this dress?-perhaps those of past purchasers and close ups
Many thanks

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