Real Wedding Story-Augustinas & Greta

Wedding Date: 5/30/2022

Location: Lithuania

Dress ID: 215669

Augustinas and Greta got married on May 30th, 2022.

1.How did you meet?

We met in a local bar that we worked in in different periods of our lives.


2.Special Love song?

We don’t have one song, but each of us has a song that reminds us of the falling in love period of our relationship. For Greta it’s Nev Cottee’s song “Open Eyes”.


3.The wedding ceremony?

Our wedding ceremony took place on an ancient mound in a small town in Lithuania close by the seaside. We had a traditional Baltic wedding ritual.

4.The wedding look?

As our ceremony took place in nature, this also suggested our general wedding look: color pallete was brown, ivory and green. We wanted our wedding to feel like a magical forest. The flowy dress in ivory from JJ’s House was perfect to make the bride feel as a goddess or fairy of the forest. The hair was romantic and slightly messy to correlate with the nature that is perfect with its imperfetions and the makeup was natural to simply highlight the natural features. Accessories were minimal: silver studs and rings from metal that looks as if it’s melting. To pay tribute to our rock’n’roll youth, we also incorporated leather jackets and boots.


5.Favorite moment of the wedding day?

It’s hard to separate one moment. The whole day was one wonderful and overwhelming moment, but we have to choose one, that would be a wedding ritual on the mound as this is the initiation to the new and different stage in life.


6.Your advice for other couples?

Plan the wedding the way you want, do not be afraid of who you are and celebrate what is important for your couple. Also don’t stress about anything that doesn’t go according to plan and have a lot of photos, because you’re going to love to see them over and over again for years to come (same goes for the video).


7. The link to the page of the photographer.

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