Mullet Dresses

What is a mullet dress? Well, it refers to the kind dresses that are short in front and long in back. The dresses could always show off long and beautiful legs and a wonderful feeling with flyaway trains. In the past 2011, many celebrities wore tullet dresses showing on various […]

Hello Kitty Wedding Dresses

  Apparently, someone on Etsy was offering to make handmade replicas of the Hello Kitty wedding dresses for brides who can’t get their hands on one all the way in Japan. It seems like she took her Etsy site down because we can’t find it anymore. Anyhow, we did some […]

Vintage lace wedding dresses

Vintage lace wedding dresses simply show timeless elegance. Wearing a vintage wedding dress, a bride could shine like a diva on her big day. Vintage lace wedding dresses could either be hated or loved. Most people like a traditional look with laces while others like a modern chic design. Lace […]

Queen Victoria’s wedding gown

Historically, brides did not all wear white wedding dresses. But why do modern brides wear white dresses nowadays? Then we must mention the most important person who is Queen Victoria. In 1840 Queen Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The wedding was of course a […]

Watteau trains

Watteau trains are named after 18th century French court painter Jean-Antoine Watteau because they are featured in so many of his paintings, which depict the most fashionable women of their day. Watteau trains differ from all of the other types of trains because they are attached to the gown at […]

Modern wedding dresses

Unlike wedding dresses in the past, modern wedding dresses emphasize more on conciseness and independence.   Wedding dresses in the past were usually very complicated and heavy to wear. Though the dresses would be very magnificent, they would make brides quite restricted and heavy. While modern dresses are turning out […]