The Pros and Cons of Buying or Renting Your Wedding Gown

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You have to know one thing – wedding dresses aren’t cheap. In fact, when you consider that is a gown you will wear for one day only, you can’t help but wonder – is it worth it? Many brides-to-be opt for renting instead of buying. Well, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you should consider.

Brides are confused and torn between the cost of the dress, the unique experience they will have when buying, and what to do with it after the wedding. Don’t worry – we have narrowed down the pros and cons of renting and buying a wedding dress. Let’s start.

Rent Pro: Less Money Spent

One of the biggest advantages of renting your wedding gown is definitely saving a lot of money. Since buying a new dress can cost you thousands and hundreds of dollars, here you can expect to spend half of it or less.

Rent Con: Unique Experience

Many brides-to-be plan their wedding day for years. Buying your dress online definitely isn’t the same as shopping with your mom and bridesmaids. If you want your experience to be complete, then don’t rent. Save your money and walk through the wedding dress salons alongside your best friends and your mother.

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Rent Pro: Getting Extra Accessories

Some renting companies provide you with not only the dress but also accessories that you can pick. Within the price of the dress, you can get the veil, shoes, and other accessories that can complement your outfit. In that way, more money will be saved and used on some other stuff.

Buying Pro: Dress Styles are Unlimited

While renting a wedding dress have many advantages, buying a new one will make you pick among unlimited styles. That might not be the case if you are renting. If you are looking for a particular style or you are a picky shopper, it might be a better idea if you buy the gown.

Buying Con: Preserving and Storing

Many women don’t know what to do with their wedding dresses after the ceremony is over. Storing the dress isn’t that simple, so you have to buy special bags to keep it in good condition. That can require extra time and money. It would help if you made sure the fabric doesn’t yellow over time.

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Rent Pro: Designer

If you ever dreamed of looking gorgeous in a designer dress (think – Carrie Bradshaw in Vivien Westwood), then renting should be your option number one. This might be the best advantage of renting provides since designer dresses are much cheaper than buying the new one.

Rent Con: Possible Damages

Your wedding dress can go through many accidents on your big day. From lipstick stains to wine spilling – simply, accidents happen. Usually, the insurance covers minor damages, but if something bigger happens, you need to pay for it.

Buy Pro: You Can Try it Before Wedding

When you buy a new dress, you arrange fittings as well. However, renting the dress doesn’t provide that, so that might be one of the biggest disadvantages. With a new dress, you can be sure there won’t be any damages, and that it fits you perfectly.

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