You can pick these accessories……

Your wedding plans are going well – you have found the perfect wedding dress, tux for the groom, and lovely decoration for your venue. Now it is the time to add all those personal things that will make your outfit fabulous. The right accessory will change everything.

While many accessories can complement your outfit, it is on you to choose not only the best ones but the ones that are made for you. Some brides-to-be tend to borrow some family heirlooms to add more personal and emotional touch to the wedding outfit.

These are things you will need on your bridal accessory list. They will undoubtedly make your wedding outfit look like it comes straight from a fairytale.

Wedding Shoes

When it comes to shoes, try to make a balance between your wedding budget, comfort, and style. No matter if you like heels or flats – you should think about comfort and venue first. If you already know where you will get married, then even better. Outdoor terrains can be pretty tricky for super high heels.

Match shoes with the dress and your personal style. There are fantastic shoes with white or champagne lace details that can be perfect for your big day. On the other hand, choosing shoes in color will definitely make a statement.

Jewelry – Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet

Jewelry is certainly one of the best ways you can embrace your wedding style. Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet or earring, remember to stay low and not to overdo it.

Depending on your dress neckline, pick the length and type of necklace, and finish it with a bracelet. On the other hand, if you want to wear earrings, stay classy with pearl ones, or make a wedding look modern with silver hoops.


From traditional to birdcage veils – you will have many choices ahead. Try to match your veil with the style of the dress. The birdcage veil is the shortest one, covering only your eyes, blusher ones reach the shoulders, while you can make an entrance with a chapel or cathedral-length veil.

Don’t hesitate to choose something embroidered, done in a traditional style or to ask for something to be handmade just for you.

Hair Accessories

In combination with a veil or alone, headpieces represent a big part of your whole wedding look. Some popular styles are beaded, embroidered, or made of small pearl details. You can also opt for a crown, hairpins, flower wreaths, or combs. Make sure to match hair accessories with the style of your wedding dress.


Some brides opt for gloves if their dresses are made more traditionally. Vintage-inspired look with lace, embroidery or crochet would be a great addition to your wedding look. You should definitely remove your gloves during the ring exchange, but you can wear them before and after the ceremony.


Believe it or not, undergarments are more than important parts of your wedding look. Comfort is in the first place, so be careful when choosing your bra and panties. The bra should complement your dress, so make sure to bring it with you at the dress fittings.

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