Will You Be My Bridesmaid: Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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The bridesmaid proposal might sound like an ordinary proposal. The bride asks her friend(s) to be her bridesmaid(s), but in reality, is more than that. Proposal ideas have been taking a world of weddings lately, so it is normal for you to join the trend.

Whether you would like to be creative and give your future bridesmaid a personalized gift or you will opt for a traditional one – we got you covered. First of all, let’s start with some basics.

What is a Bridesmaid Proposal?

A bridesmaid proposal is similar to engagement. Many women opt to ask their friends to be part of their wedding crew face-to-face, by sending gifts, or by organizing surprises. The proposal itself is a great chance to show your friends how much they mean to you, especially when you want them to be an important part of your wedding celebration wearing beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

The Importance of Bridesmaid Proposal

By choosing to do a bridesmaid proposal you show an act of love for your friends. They will surely remember the moment they open the box you have prepared or read a note you have written for them.

Everybody will appreciate the sentimental angle of the proposal. You show those friends how much they mean to you, they return it by being there for you on your wedding day. Bridesmaid’s duties are not a joke. It is an honor, but it comes with great responsibility. Some bridesmaids coordinate the bridal shower and organize a bachelorette party.

Sweet Bridesmaid Proposal Card

How to Opt for Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

You can choose between many proposal gifts nowadays. There are many of those that are already made for you, but you can make them even more interesting by making them yourself. Some gifts can be more or less traditional, others can be interactive and quite personal. You are not sure where to start looking? These are our suggestions.

Traditional Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

If you are more of a traditional kind of bride, these are proposal ideas for you. Nonetheless, they will make your friends cry of happiness.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box of Goodies

Bridesmaids robe with engraved back
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The classy and elegant gift like this will surely surprise your future bridesmaid. You can pack a bottle of wine, a scented candle with matching matches, add some pieces of clothing, like a satin robe with an engraved back, and some candies.

Custom Made Wine Bottles

Bridesmaid Gifts - Personalized Elegant Vintage Stainless Steel Flask
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Get your gals and future bridesmaids a custom made wine bottle. You will not only enjoy seeing the unique design but tasting the wine as well.

Invitation Card

Bridesmaid Gifts - Classic Elegant Paper Wedding Day Card
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An invitation card is such a classic. It is a nice and sophisticated way of asking your friends to be your bridesmaids. You can design them especially for each and every girl, or order some cards online.

Piece of Jewelry

Personalized bracelet for bridesmaid
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You can never go wrong with a gold or silver piece of jewelry for your future bridesmaids. You can engrave something special, or choose a bracelet with infinity knots. On the other hand, you can also pick a name necklace or just the first letter of the name.

Personalized bridesmaid proposals

You can even be more creative with these bridesmaid proposal gifts. Add a touch of a personal vibe in them and watch the reaction they will cause.

Print Bridesmaid Tees

Matching bride and bridesmaid T-shirts
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If you want to have something unique and quite personal, then you should think about gifting personalized t-shirts to your future bridesmaids. Pick the design that is eye-catching, so when you wear them you can make wonderful photos.

Personalized Compact Mirror

Bridesmaid Gifts - Personalized Stainless Steel Compact Mirror
ID: 184472

This gift might sound too ordinary but let’s give it another thought. The compact mirror is something that your friends carry with them all the time. A small mirror with a personal note and flower design is a gift that will last forever.

Engraved Leather Keychains

The engraved keychains are something that your friends will admire and carry with them every day. You can make them in different colors for each bridesmaid and engrave something personal or simply “bridesmaid”. Don’t forget to make one for yourself as well.

Personalized Shot Glasses

Glasses with personalized messages are simply gorgeous. You can use them for your bachelorette party and also for the photoshoot you will be making with your future bridesmaids.

Interactive Bridesmaid Proposals

Interactive proposals are kind of surprise ones. Your friends won’t know what you are planning to say with them until they open the box, solve the puzzle, etc.

Proposal Puzzle

If you want to keep your friends guessing what is the question you are about to ask, then send them a proposal puzzle. Even better, sit near them while they put the puzzle together. When the message “Do you want to be my bridesmaid?” is revealed you and your friend will both be thrilled.

Scratch-Off Card

Similar to a puzzle, this interactive proposal gift should be scratched to reveal the message. Once the message is in front of them, they won’t be able to hide their happiness and emotions.

Mini Piñatas

Piñatas are great for making your ideal bridesmaid proposals. You can turn a classy message into an interactive one by putting the note inside a mini piñata and make your friend pull on the string. Don’t forget to film everything!

Arrange a Meeting

You can simply gather all your girls and meet them for an afternoon coffee or tea. You can decorate a place and prepare delicious food. Tell them how much they mean to you and ask them to be your bridesmaids. They won’t be able to hide excitement! Don’t forget, after tea comes champagne.


Asking your best friends to be your bridesmaids is something that all of you will remember for the rest of your lives. Why don’t you try to make it interesting? These were some of our suggestions and ideas that we think are great for popping the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

These ideas are not expensive. They simply require you to be a little bit creative, make them personalized, and arrange a meeting with your friends. The rest should be on camera, so you can watch and laugh later.

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