What to Wear to a Winter Wedding: Guest Outfits Ideas

Winter wedding dress with capelet

There is something magical about winter weddings. Cold weather, potential snow, and the smell of cinnamon and warm drinks – all this reminds us of winter. Winter weddings might not be as frequent as summer ones, but they can be equally enjoyable. Wondering what can you wear to that kind of event and feel snuggle and stylish? Look no further since we have prepared many outfit ideas for you.

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses Rules

On most wedding invitations, you get to know which dress code is requested. If the couple wants you to follow it, it would be rude not to dress accordingly.

Black-tie means event dresses and suits. White-tie is rare but it means you should dress even more elegant than for the black-tie. In wintertime, it is best to pick dresses that have lace details and satin materials. Don’t worry about being cozy – long sleeves and maxi lengths are perfect for that.

These are some of the dresses you can choose depending on the wedding type – formal, daytime, and simple.

Formal Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Formal winter weddings usually require a black-tie or white-tie dress code. Meaning long dresses, sparkly jewelry, and men should wear tuxedos with bowties.

Grey A-line Dress with Lace Sleeves

Dusty blue midi dress with lace bodice
Dress ID: 235585

Midi lengths are perfect for winter weddings. You don’t need to be afraid of ruining your dress in water and mud if it is snowing outside. The asymmetric hemline is just a plus since it will make you look taller.

Lace bodice and sleeves are elegant and sophisticated. You can put on a pair of sparkly earrings and finish off the look with classy red lipstick and a low chignon hairstyle.

Champagne Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

Satin champagne midi dress
Dress ID: 225549

Tea-length, champagne shade, and satin fabric – all these things sound like you have a perfect mother of the bride dress. This one has long sleeves, an appropriate V-neckline, and a crisscrossed bodice. Perfect winter wedding guest dress. You will even potentially match with the snow outside.

Daytime Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Daytime winter weddings are great since you can make wonderful photographs outside. Your guests can come dressed in a bit more casual dresses, but they should keep it classy.

Beaded Grey Knee-Length Dress

Grey knee-length lace dress
Dress ID: 235563

This is a stylish and elegant dress, perfect for a daytime winter wedding. You can remove the blazer if you are warm, but when the night falls you can elegantly drape it on your shoulders.

Lace and beading make this dress very classy. Match it with pumps and add some of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

A-Line Vintage Dress

A-Line Scoop Neck Tea-Length Lace Mother of the Bride Dress
Dress ID: 204927

If you are a fan of vintage looks, dresses with lace details, and dark jewel shades, then this is the dress for you. You will look like a real winter queen, while still keeping it glamorous.

You can complement this outfit with a sophisticated pair of pearly earrings and maybe a bracelet. Match with patent leather pumps or sandals, if you are brave enough.

Simple Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Simple and casual weddings in wintertime don’t necessarily require long dresses and embellishments. You can choose satin, chiffon, and any other material and cuts that are loose and simple.

Jewel-Toned Lace Dress

Emerald green ruffled dress with lace details
Dress ID: 204929

Jewel tones are more than a suitable choice for winter weddings. Those shades simply match with the season. This lace dress will make you look sophisticated, yet not over-the-line for a simple wedding.

Classy Yet Simple Dress

A-Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Satin Mother of the Bride Dress With Bow(s) Pockets
Dress ID: 225565

The classy-yet-simple category of dresses is always good to have. Those are dresses that are simple in cut, rich in fabric, and timeless to wear. This purple maxi dress is exactly that – timeless. You can wear it as a winter wedding guest, with a scarf or a jacket draped on your shoulders.

The Fabrics of Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

You might think that winter weddings require thick fabrics. It is not always the case, since you will be spending all the time indoors. You can opt for lighter materials as well and complement the look with a shawl, jacket, or scarf.

Velvet, satin, and lace are popular winter fabrics that will keep you warm. Some opt for typical British materials such as tweed or flannel. Even lighter materials like satin and silk can be cozy if you layer it with a shawl or blazer.

Winter Wedding Accessories and Shoes

Faux fur shawl
ID: 218325

If you are a guest heading to a wedding, it is not bad to have a shawl around to keep you warm. Especially if you have opted for materials that are lighter than velvet, flannel, or wool. This faux-fur shawl will keep you extremely cozy, while you can also wear a beige satin one indoors.

Wedding veils and headpieces are indispensable parts of winter weddings. As a guest, you can also add hats, and face masks, since they became the new reality for all of us.

As a guest, you can wear minimalistic headpieces that won’t overshadow the bride. Choose rhinestone comb would be a great addition to your low chignon.

Ladies' Vintage Wool With Silk Flower/Tulle Fascinators/Tea Party Hats
ID: 107696

An elegant and vintage-inspired beret with a net is perfect for elegant black-tie winter weddings. It will complement your long dress and match the dress code.

Shoes for a Winter Wedding

Suede pumps with rhinestones at the front
ID: 109371

When it comes to shoes, winter weddings can be pretty tricky. How to pick something nice, stay warm and stylish? Boots are not welcomed. You should find something that will match the dress as well.

These lovely suede pumps with rhinestones might come as the best choice for winter weddings. Their heel is thin, but stable, while the model itself is timeless. You can wear those heels with both short and long dresses.

If you like classic styles more, then these satin kitten heels are for you. The rhinestone at the front looks gorgeous and very elegant. The color of the silk-like fabric will catch the eye of other guests, that is for sure.


Winter weddings are special and that is why you need to cherish and enjoy them. Interesting set-ups and fairytale weather will be enough for all of you to enjoy it. Pick your dresses wisely, choose a suitable fabric, and don’t forget comfy shoes!

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