What to Wear to a Fall Wedding: Wedding Outfits for Women

Bridesmaids dressed up at the wedding, holding bouquets

Fall has officially just come and we all know what that means. Cozy sweaters, warm jackets, and ankle boots. Also more rain, colder weather, and warm cocoa. Fall is also a season of weddings. Many couples decide to tie the knot in fall months, so the big question is – how to dress for a fall wedding?

There are many places where fall weddings can take place, so you should dress accordingly. You will certainly not dress the same for country and city wedding. How to know the difference and how to know what to choose? We will explain it to you. Look no further.

Fall Wedding Guest Outfit Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts Dos

These are some of the dos and don’ts you should consider when planning your fall wedding attire. Color, fit, style – these are just some of them. Let us show you the rest of the fall etiquette.

Do Wear Jewel-Toned Hues

There are no better shades for fall than jewel hues. They simply match with the colder weather, brown leaves, and wine. All from royal blue to hunter green can be consider as a big yes.

Don’t Wear Summer Clothes

Summer is over and we all know what that means. You need to put those clothes away for the next season. Try not to wear your bright summery dresses to a fall wedding. You can look like you have mixed the seasons.

Do Wear Appropriate Shoes

One of the most important things to consider when picking your fall wedding outfit is what shoes you can wear. They need to be appropriate for the location and comfortable. You don’t want to look silly in stilettos at the country wedding, right? Also, make sure those sandals are comfortable and stable, so you can dance all night without thinking about tomorrow’s blisters.

Don’t Wear White

Even if we are talking about seasonal trends here, especially for fall, we should remind you about the things you actually shouldn’t wear to any wedding. White is one of those shades that stay reserved for the bride only unless she says differently.

Do Wear Something Cozy

Fall weather is pretty unpredictable. You need to count on different temperatures, whether you are inside or outside. Always bring something cozy with you – a scarf, jacket, trench or even a coat if you feel the temperatures will drop.

Don’t Dress for Winter Time

Yes, we know – some people feel cold even in the fall time. However, fall weddings can be pretty pleasant, so we don’t recommend wearing long sleeves or winter dresses unless the snow is predicted for the day. Give ¾ sleeves a chance, and rather wear layers. Short sleeve dress with a shawl or a scarf will look much chicer.

How to Dress For Fall Weddings

Whatever the dress code is, you need to dress accordingly. Fall weddings can be held in cities, but also in the countrysides. They can be more or less traditional, as well as formal or informal. These are our suggestions for different fall wedding venues.

Country Fall Wedding

A-Line Scoop Neck Tea-Length Chiffon Lace Mother of the Bride Dress With Bow(s)
Dress ID: 217289

A wedding in the countryside in the fall can be magical or a disaster. If the rain comes into a play, you can expect mud, so you need to dress accordingly. Otherwise, knee-length A-line dress in gold shade will match the colors of fall and will blend in perfectly with the countryside.

Traditional Fall Wedding

Trumpet/Mermaid Scoop Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Mother of the Bride Dress With Beading Sequins
Dress ID: 91951

Fall weddings that include traditional elements such as church ceremonies can occur both outdoors and indoors. You can choose a dress that is classy, floor-length in a jewel shade of plum. The puffy sleeves will give a modern look, while the beading on the shoulder keeps the dress sophisticated and appropriate for traditional fall weddings.

Vintage Fall Wedding

A-Line V-neck Ankle-Length Chiffon Lace Mother of the Bride Dress
Dress ID: 91951

Vintage means romantic, vintage is a call for something that our mothers and grandmothers were wearing. This lovely and flowy knee-length dress with lace bodice is so romantic and vintage-looking. The cut is perfect for both guests and the mother of the bride.

City Fall Wedding

Trumpet/Mermaid One-Shoulder Sweep Train Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Dress ID: 221213

City weddings are usually modern, with a minimalistic vibe and semiformal dress code. You can wear many different fall dresses for a city wedding. We suggest this trumpet grey floor-length dress. It has a modern and chic one-shoulder neckline which is decorated with pearls and embroidery.

Casual Fall Wedding

A-Line V-neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Bow(s)
Dress ID: 190703

Casual weddings are the most suitable for those women who are not fans of ball gowns. You can be more relaxed for the casual dress code since there are not actually rules about what you should or shouldn’t wear. Wrap dress in the dusty blue shade is great for casual wedding ceremonies. The wrap design is practical, fits many different body types, while the chiffon is very comfortable.

Formal Fall Wedding

A-Line Off-the-Shoulder Floor-Length Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Split Front Pockets
Dress ID: 230685

Formal weddings usually require a black-tie dress code. This means men should wear suits and women must wear floor-length dresses. Among the many dresses that are formal, we would like to recommend this emerald green off-the-shoulder dress. The color is great for fall, the cut is A-line which suits all body types, and the neckline will leave everyone breathless.

Semiformal Fall Wedding

A-Line V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle Bow(s) Pockets
Dress ID: 206456

For a semiformal wedding ceremony look for a floor-length dress that is without any embellishments. That is how you won’t be over-dresses. This grey V-neck dress is perfect for the semi-formal occasions. You can always add more jewelry and turn it into a super elegant one.

Festive Attire Fall Wedding

A-Line/Princess Off-the-Shoulder Tea-Length Chiffon Lace Bridesmaid Dress With Beading Sequins
Dress ID: 153311

Even if many of you can get confused with the festive attire for the wedding, in fact, it is pretty simple. You should go for something fun like a cocktail or other party dress. The off-the-shoulder knee-length dress balances perfectly between elegant and festive and that is why we recommend it for you.

What to Wear to Stay Warm at a Fall Wedding

Attending a fall wedding means you will spend practically all day outside your house. You need to count on unpredictable weather and always bring something cozy with you.

  • A jacket – A cropped leather or any other jacket will match with the dress, making you look fancy and cozy at the same time.
  • A wrap – The wrap will keep your hands warm while maintaining a chic look.
  • A shrug – The open front of a shrug won’t hide your fall dress while keeping your arms warm and cozy. 

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