What is a Maxi Dress: All You Need to Know

A woman wears maxi dress on the beach
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What is a Maxi Dress

What is a summer without a great maxi dress to compliment your style? Flowy, floor-length dresses that are super comfy and stylish should be an inevitable part of your closet. Maxi dress is extremely versatile, it suits all body types, and most of all they are perfect for all occasions.

Maxi dresses are made of different fabrics, patterns, and colors. They are typically floor-length, top-fitting with the cut that flows over the body at the bottom. It is a great go-to staple for all women who don’t like to spend their time in the morning choosing what to wear. Instead, you can drink your cup of coffee in peace, with a maxi dress put on.

If you don’t know how to style a maxi dress, we are here to help. The key is to add stylish accessories and to find the dress that suits your body type perfectly.

Timeline Of The Maxi Dress

It might be Oscar de la Renta who is responsible for the re-creation of the maxi dress. It was worn long before that, but in 1968 at the Elizabeth Arden fashion show maxi dress was freshen up.

Until the late ‘60s, midi dresses were the main length that women wore. However, in the 70s and later on in the ‘80s, maxi length took the throne. It all happened with bohemian trends as well, where two trends emerged to create a specific hippie or boho way of dressing.

After completely disappearing in the late ‘80s and most of the ‘90s, maxi dresses re-appeared again in the early ‘00s. The designers realized the power of a comfortable maxi style and started giving it more space on their fashion shows.

Nowadays, maxi dresses are one of those timeless styles that every woman has in the wardrobe. It is almost impossible to say that you dress casually, without having a maxi dress in your collection.

A woman wears maxi dress in the forest
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Types of Maxi Dresses

Even though maxi dresses don’t show off your legs, there are still many types of different bodices. These are some of the most popular types of maxi dresses.

Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Floral maxi dress
Dress ID: 222233

An off-shoulder maxi dress is great for summertime. It will reveal your shoulders but make sure it has sleeves that reach your upper arms. This style is usually casual, but it can also look very elegant, depending on the fabric of the dress.

Floral off-shoulder maxi dress is an excellent choice for everyday casual outfits. You can simply add a pair of earrings and comfortable slippers.

Strapless Maxi Dress

An off-the-shoulder maxi dress in floral print
Dress ID: 239769

Strapless maxi dresses are perfect for women who like to show off some skin. The bodice is fastened just above the bust, while also cinched at the waist. This cut shows off your figure just perfectly.

If you are looking for a summer wedding attire, we suggest looking at this lovely polyester floral printed maxi dress. The belt adds more glamour, while the maxi length is perfect for black-tie events.

V-Neck Maxi Dress

V-neck maxi dress
Dress ID: 228780

V-neck shows just enough skin to make your bodice look sexy, yet not over-the-line. Maxi dresses with this kind of neckline are very popular. You can also find them in wrap cut with a deeper V-neck.

Chiffon jungle print maxi dress is perfect for fall weddings. Add some jewelry and high heel sandals and you are good to go.

Spaghetti Straps Maxi Dress

The tie-dye maxi dress with spaghetti straps
Dress ID: 229027

This kind of dress is featured with long straps. They are similar to camisoles or tank tops. The spaghetti strap maxi dress can have all kinds of necklines – from round to plunging ones.

The tie-dye technique on this maxi dress looks absolutely amazing. This technique is still very trendy, so don’t hesitate about trying this dress.

Maxi Dresses For Different Body Shapes

Contrary to popular belief, maxi dresses are not made only for tall and slim people. The key is to know your body type and to find the cut that will be the right fit for you. After that, you can only add different accessories and you will have new outfits all over again.

Apple Body Shape

Apple-shaped body types have broad shoulders and a short torso, with a less defined waist. You should try A-line dresses that are fitted around the hips. These dresses will accentuate curves on the upper part of your body. However, they will draw attention away from the midsection section of your body, by creating an illusion of a narrower waist.

Pear Body Shape

Women with pear-shaped bodies find their hips and thighs much wider than their bodice – shoulder and chest area. That is why you should try dresses with ruffles, embellishment, or interesting flowy sleeves and necklines. These things create the illusion of a bigger bust and chest. The dress should make a balance between the upper and lower parts of your body.

Hourglass Body Shape

Women with hourglass body shape are lucky ones. Their body parts are mostly balanced, so all maxi dress types suit them very well. You can go for wrap styles. They are great in hugging your curves while also highlighting your bust and waist.

Athletic Body Shape

The athletic body type is without curves. You will find that your body is rectangular in shape, your bust, hips, and waist are of the same measurements. Go for off-the-shoulder maxi dresses. They suit perfectly boyish, athletic body types.

Polyester With Print Asymmetrical Dress
Dress ID: 222568

How to Style a Maxi Dress

We have rounded up our favorite ways of styling a maxi dress. These styles are approved by our favorite bloggers.

Add a Belt

Alloy metallic belt

Adding a belt to your maxi dress is an excellent way to accentuate your waist even more. We suggest you go for something massive and chunky. This golden alloy belt will surely be a head-turner.

Sneakers and Maxi Dress

Women's Cloth Modern Jazz Sneakers Dance Shoes
ID: 164148

Believe it or not, sneakers and maxi dress represent an unbreakable combination. Try these white sporty sneakers with your maxi dress and you will enjoy in a comfy and stylish outfit combo!

Ladies Beautiful Rhinestone/Alloy Headbands With Rhinestone
ID: 236133

If you are going to some special black-tie occasions, then you can decorate your maxi dress by adding a headpiece. This lovely and romantic floral headband with rhinestones will match your elegant maxi dress.

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